The Hungarian Socialist (Vampire) Party remained true to its roots, it released a video that shows a fake election fraud

Monday, October 21, 2013 obtained information regarding a video that has been circulating in the shitstream media since the Baja municipal election last week and accusing Fidesz with election fraud. But the plotters were exposed; the producers of the video confessed to police that the clip was ordered by Socialist voodoo vipers the political heirs of Bela Kun, Matyas Rakosi and other Bolshevik criminals as an “educational video”.

Apparently, the producers of the video were not aware of their clients plan to release the footage to the public. This claim might be quite plausible as none of the actors cover their faces and in one scene even a little girls can be seen during the shooting session.

Police are still investigating the case, but confidential sources have confirmed that one of the crew members -- K. G. – is a member of Solt Gypsy minority self-government. He told to police that the video was produced by six individuals.

K. G. claimed that he and two of his fellow actors visited the Socialist party's headquarters before the Baja municipal election. A Socialist official asked them to produce an "educational film" simulating an election fraud perpetrated by Fidesz. The entire video shows a staged event said K.G. to police.

The socialist party wanted the video to be ready before the election, but they were unable to finalize the footage in time testified K. G. He also told police that when the finished product was handed over to the Socialist client a member of parliament was also present.

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(Notes: Besides attacking the credibility of the Fidesz party, it is quite likely that this video was produced as an evidence to be used in a larger plot staged by the internal and external enemies of the nation. A confidential source that attended this year's Bilderberg conference in Watford warned the Hungarian government earlier of an ongoing plot perpetrating by European Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Viviane Reding. The source informed the government that at the meeting Viviane Reding notified her bosses of a plan, which will be implemented right after the Hungarian national election in the spring. According to this scenario, the globalist media will launch a smear-campaign against the Fidesz party accusing it with election fraud. This video could have been used as an evidence to support the claim and question the validity of the election. Now, that the plot is exposed we can expect more staged events to be orchestrated by the same suspects in the next six months leading up to the spring national election.)


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