The political successors of Bela Kun and Matyas Rakosi unveiled a Gyula Horn bust in the Socialist party headquarters

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The political successors of Bela Kun, Matyas Rakosi and other Bolshevik criminals quietly unveiled a bust of former Prime Minister and Bolshevik militiaman Gyula Horn -- also known as the “pufajkás” -- who turned his guns on his people in 1956. The bust was unveiled in the Socialist party's headquarters in Budapest; for the time being, the indoor sculpture can be seen only by his comrades or those that have access to the building.

Such events may have the positive effect of letting people know that the Socialist party hasn't changed a bit; it is made up by the sons and grandsons of the old treasonous Bolshevik nomenclature. They serve the same masters under different guise and they hate their country just as their grandparents did.

The "pufajkás" as a militiaman turned his gun on his own people in 1956, just as Gyurcsany and his accomplices in 2006; and they have no regrets; they would do it again if their handlers ordered them to do so.



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