The western media are disappointed: The globalist parties failed to mobilize on the national holiday

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The western media had high hopes for a huge anti-government rally at the anniversary of the 1956 revolution, yesterday. They hoped that the globalist opposition manage to mobilize hundreds of thousands of anti government demonstrators that oppose the policies of the Orban government that the globalist media have been attacking continuously since it came to power in 2010.

The French news agency AFP, which provided coverage of this year's national holiday events writes: The leftist parties (meaning the globalist parties) failed to mobilize against the Orban government.

According to AFP, more than two-hundred thousand people showed up in support of the Orban government, while only 25 thousand attended the globalist opposition's rally. (AFP inflated the number as the number of anti-government demonstrators reached only a few thousands).

The mendacious German media covered the national holiday with the misleading and manipulative title, "Thousands protest for and against the government".

Take a look at the photos and decide yourself how credible the globalist media is.

Supporters of the Orbán government

Supporters of the globalist opposition (Notes: I've tried to find a better photo that shows the opposition rally from birds eye view, but I couldn't find any. The mainstream media of which 90 percent support the globalist opposition take manipulative shots – close ups – from these events in order to manipulate the numbers and prevent readers from estimating the number of supporters attended the opposition rally.)

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Anonymous said...

You serious? Orban is a Globalist, he is only appearing in front of the masses as being a rebel, in the background he is selling off Hungary and Hungarians.. The globalists are cheering from the side line, all the rest of the infighting is the lefties trying to compete in other teams colours, they both serve the globalists, don't be so naive..

Anonymous said...

Orban a globalist? So taxing banks and forcing multis to lower household prices is part of the globalist agenda? Come on....
Orban is defending this country as much as possible, but he can not break with Europe because Hungary is depends on Europe in so many ways and the country is not strong enough, not yet.

Anonymous said...

Ohh my :(( This is the perfect way to influence the masses, spread the continuous propaganda that we have taken on the Banks and EU, do you live in Hungary or just viewing from afar? No one has money here, businesses are closing left right and centre, property values are dismal, stagnant no one can sell, young people are leaving our nation to work abroad once they learn a second or even third language, our agriculture is non existent and influenced by poisoning our lands and introducing EU horrific farming methods, the funding is being directed into spreading continuous lies even harsher then when the commies where in power, about our History, tradition and culture, they still support the Fin-Ogur Language and allow Homosexuality and all kinds of satanic sects to spread within our country, youth are totally confused with their identity.. Orban government has adopted a false image of being a Patriotic centre right party.. The elite who have controlled our past patriotic infamous heroes like Szechenyi Istvan who eventually realised who he served and shot himself and Kossuth whom were manipulated by Masonic Jewish, they use all kinds of costumes to sucker in the masses.. They continuously work with deception and this Orban government is just another one of their puppets..

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