Thousands of Hungarians protested deteriorating public safety Saturday and remembered the 36 year-old jogger who was savagely murdered last week

Saturday, October 5, 2013

The demonstration was a civil initiative to draw attention to the scandalous state of public safety in the municipality.

The culprits have not yet been captured, but the victim's cell phone has been recovered from a gypsy family.

At the event, Soroksar Jobbik party branches collected signatures to get a police station set up in the municipality, and to provide sustainable public lighting alongside the jogging path.

The demonstration have been attended by Jobbik President Gábor Vona and several Jobbik members of parliament, as well as one of the organizers of the protest, local resident Ildikó Varga.

The speakers drew attention to the deteriorating public security and complained that criminals "have more rights than law-abiding citizens".

The memorial service has been attended by former world champion boxer Károly Balzsay too, who revealed that he personally supported the restoration of death penalty.

An increasing number of attacks target the most vulnerable, namely children, women and the elderly said Viktor Lehmann. The crowd applauded Jobbik's ideas to punish rapists by chemical castration and reinstate death penalty for murderers.

Party chairman Gábor Vona pointed out that this event was not part of the political campaigning, as they invited everyone to come regardless their political affiliations. "It is not our shame that we are here, but it is the disgrace of those who are not here," said Vona, then, he criticized the performance of the government concerning public safety.

If Jobbik forms the next government it will give new powers to the police force, will introduce the institution of the gendarmerie, legalize the Hungarian Guard and set up self-sustaining prisons by introducing productive work among the prison population.

After the speeches, the crowd marched to the spot where Krisztina Kardos body was found; they lit candles and placed flowers on the spot where she was murdered.

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