Viktor Orban interview: 'Patriotism is a good thing'

Sunday, October 13, 2013

By Charles Moore

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban during his interview with The Daily Telegraph  Photo: GEOOF PUGH FOR THE TELEGRAPH

"As I get older [he is still only 50], I tend to be more sceptical. Values are more important than money. National sovereignty is more and more important in my mind. The question 'Who is governing us?' is the key question."

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Anonymous said...

Moral and political philosopher John McMurtry discusses the Cancer Stage of Capitalism - the systematic destruction of life by the "money sequencing" machine that only understands money and profit.

Anonymous said...

The New World Order NWO Globalists have set their sights on Ukraine - setup for the neo-liberal (economics) disaster capitalism treatment. Hopefully Ukrainian Nationalists will stop this disaster.

Who Will Pay Kyiv’s Bills?

...One would think that in such situation Europe’s enlargement to the east is objectively impossible. In times of crisis Germany will require enormous investments to begin merger and acquisition of Ukraine on the model of German Democratic Republic. The only way to accomplish this process is to use neoliberal methods like radical deindustrializing of Ukraine’s economy and quick privatization of all sovereign assets by European investors.

«Invisible hand» of laissez-faire capitalism can be disastrous for the developing countries. The IMF and World Bank advisors with six-figure salaries always recommend to third-world countries a very limited set of measures that widen wealth gap and cripple the economy. In order to get financial aid developing country must accept the fate of transnational corporations’ milch cow on the government level, discontinue all state subsidies and cancel trade restrictions that support local business. In the case of Ukraine this second wave of deindustrialization will cause sudden rise in unemployment levels and mass emigration to the developed countries of Western Europe. One more depressive outskirt may eventually appear on Berlin’s balance sheet. German far right will get another hate crime target in addition to Polish plumbers...

Polish Human Rights Activists: They Have Plans for Crimea

...Crimea is a very important region for the EU «Eastern Partnership»
...With Kiev being under the effect of narcotic anesthesia, the West has started the process of Ukraine’s territorial dismemberment. This fact is obvious for everyone. There is a reason behind it: by undermining the administrative-territorial pillars of Ukrainian state the rapprochement between Russia and Ukraine could be prevented for many years. It serves the Europe’s strategic purposes; the weakening of central power makes easier the mission of devouring Ukraine by parts. That’s the future they prepare for Crimea – a precious prize in the Black Sea area…

Anonymous said...

Hungary no Debt-Free Money

...There is some sort of nationalist reaction going on in Hungary. The Government, led by Viktor Orban, has paid off the last outstanding 2,2 billion dollar loan to the IMF and kicked them out of the country. There were no mutual pleasantries when the IMF goons left Budapest. This did not amuse his European ‘partners’, as is also the case with his policy of gaining more influence over monetary policy. ‘Independent’ Central Banks are at the core of modern economics and politics. Surely we don’t want the people to know what Central Banks are up to? Let alone decide on monetary policy? Bankers know best.

Another issue is that Orban has made clear Hungary will not be joining the Euro for the time being. A great relief for Hungarians, but the Eurocrats consider this an uncalled for snub. Considering what happened to the Euro hostile Polish leadership only a short while ago, Orban is certainly showing a lot of courage. Taking an independent line while located between the Russia and the EU is a tricky proposition, requiring both balls and dexterity.

However, for the time being the Hungarian Forint is still produced by the Banks, as an interest-bearing debt to them. Until that changes, nothing really does...

Euro, unworkable currency in EU by PressTV

Iceland: Revolution Under Bankers Guidance

...Iceland is just another example of the way world bankers manage to guide the energy of public protest into the direction they desire. It’s even hard to imagine what the West would do if the people of Iceland really decided to stand up and oppose the interests of Financial International. In reality there are many examples of genuine precedents of such actions taking place in the contemporary world when the all-powerful financial oligarchy is really confronted. Only these events are hushed up by world media...

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