A much needed success at Galeb Trophy Taekwondo Tournament

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hungarian teakwondokas win five medals at Galeb Trophy tournament held in Serbia.

More than a thousand athletes from forty countries competed at last weekend's Galeb Trophy tournament in Serbia. The Hungarian WTF Taekwondo team exceeded all expectations by winning one gold, one silver and three bronze medals.

Edina Kotsis remained undefeated throughout the tournament winning the only gold medal for the Hungarian team.

"The last time I won a competition was at the Belgian open. After the summer's World Championships fiasco in Mexico I had a much needed rest said Kotsis. The only match I fought in Mexico plus the long period I spent there gave me a good overview on the field therefore, I had positive and negative feelings when I came to this tournament. The hardest match was the final. My opponent, Olympic bronze medalist Martina Zubcic led throughout the fight, but at the end I could turn the match around and win. I really wanted to succeed because I missed the feeling of success, and the touch of the gold medal. More international competitions are coming up this year and next year's G1 races begin soon after the European Championships. In the line, the next one will be the Croatian open two weeks from now, where I will have to compete against a very strong field".

Barbara Ducz competed with an injured knee throughout the tournament; in her first match she defeated a Russian opponent 8 to 6 through a tight, exciting match. In the semi-final she got a very tough Greek opponent that led most of the match, but Barbara managed to turn the match around and win the fight 13 to 9, which sometimes looked like a street brawl. Unfortunately, in the final she got the same Greek opponent, but due to her leg injury she could not pick up the pace, and lost winning silver medal.

Claudia Lipcsei won her first class A bronze medal just like Norbert Szegedi.

In the Cadets category the very talented Dorottya Gadács won bronze medal by winning her first match with twelve points difference with TKO. Due to a controversial decision by the judges she missed the final by a hair.

Luca Patakfalvy, Ádám Sarai and Nikolett Nagy finished fifth.

Coach Balázs Tóth: Congratulations to everyone. We are satisfied as the athletes helped each other every way they could; they rooted for each other, and they functioned as a real team. This team beginning to evolve into the right direction. This is what we are working on, and it is good to see that the work we have invested into the team start bearing fruits. The team is in a pretty good shape, but everyone has to improve on their weak points so that we can be ready for the next challenge in Croatia. The mental, technical and tactical gaps can be corrected too. Individually, everyone gave his/her best and mentally, the athletes are also fine.

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