Croatian and Hungarian nationalists commemorate to fallen soldiers died in defense of "Kórógy" and "Szentlászló"

Monday, November 25, 2013

The Croatian Pure Party of Rights (HČSP), the Sixty-four County Youth Movement (HVIM) and Jobbik held a joint commemoration march between "Kórógy" and "Szentlászló" to remember the defenders of the two villages that attacked by the Yugoslav army during the Croatian War of Independence in 1991. Participants laid wreaths to the memorial of the fallen soldiers and civilians, confirmed the historic Croatian- Hungarian friendship and called for the preservation of national independence.

Organizers of the event announced that they would like to make a tradition out of the march; they expressed their hopes that the next year thousands of people will march together under the Croatian and Hungarian flags.

There is an unbreakable bond between the Croatian and Hungarian people said Frano Čirko (HČSP). Hungarians have demonstrated great courage when took up arms in 1991 to defend these villages. The sacrifices were not in vain, they serve as an example for all people that love their countries.

Similar thoughts were expressed by László Toroczkai the head of the Sixty-Four County Youth Movement. Toroczkai called attention to the fact that the two nations today are also in war, but the enemy today uses unconventional means to colonize the nations of the world -- money, media and liberalism; it already dominates half the globe. Toroczkai stated that Hungary and Croatia reject the United States of Europe; the two nations must work together and fight against the colonizers.

University Professor and writer Tomislav Sunić in his speech pointed out that the heroes of Szentlászló didn't die for today's corrupt Croatia, but they fought for truth and justice. He also paid tribute to ethnic Germans that were forcibly expelled from Croatia; he then, praised the Hungarian people that took up arms against the Soviet Union in 1956. The professor also warmly welcomed Jobbik President Gábor Vona who also attended the event.

In his speech, Jobbik President Gábor Vona paid tribute to the nameless heroes of the war who took up arms to defend their country. According to Vona, nationalism should be distinguished from chauvinism, nationalists discover the friend and the ally in each other. Croats and Hungarians share common values for which they were able to die – these heroes are our true role models added Vona.

God ordered the two people to be neighbors and friends who had a common past, and will have a common future. "Either we are going to be the servants of the great powers or we'll be free, worthy of our ancestors' sacrifice". We have to reject the siren voices of those that say forget your past and become bleating sheep that are waiting to get admitted into the slaughterhouse of the European Union said Vona.

"Here and now, in this holy place sanctified with blood we promise that there will be Croatian and Hungarian future, and for that we fight together," concluded his speech Jobbik President Gábor Vona.

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