"Érpatak" -- the national model of integrating gypsies into Hungarian society

Saturday, November 30, 2013

A cooperation agreement was signed between Jobbik President Gábor Vona and the leader of the National Network of the "Érpatak" Model Orosz Mihály Zoltán on Friday in "Érpatak".

The "Érpatak" model aims to integrate gypsies in Hungarian society by using rewards and punishments as selective incentives rather than racial stereotyping of residents. The model has been developed by the mayor of "Érpatak" Orosz Mihály Zoltán who inherited a crime infested municipality when he was first elected as a mayor of the town. "Érpatak" is located in the eastern part of Hungary, which is one of the most crime infested regions of the country. The "Érpatak" model acknowledges only two types of individuals -- builders and destroyers -- builders are rewarded, destroyers are punished. The system is based on meritocracy, it treats all citizens fairly and equally regardless of the individuals' racial or religious affiliation. The only thing that counts in this arrangement is the individual's contribution to the common good. The model works so well that the municipality of "Érpatak" today is crime free, Hungarians and gypsies live in harmony with each other.

Since its development a few years ago, the "Érpatak" model has grown into a nationwide movement; more and more municipalities adopt this approach of integrating minorities into the mainstream society as the formula has already proven itself. All Jobbik led cities and towns are governed according to the principles of the "Érpatak" model.

The government can't openly promote the scheme due to the known factors (globalist control). However, local governments are free to implement the system if they wish.

The internal and external enemies of the nation tried to sabotage the "Érpatak" model's positive impacts on inter-racial relations by telling gypsies to withdraw from the system, but they failed because the undereducated gypsies are the main beneficiaries of the "Érpatak" arrangement.

In accord with the Friday's agreement, the head of the organization Orosz Mihály Zoltán sets up hands-on training sessions in Jobbik and independent run municipalities teaching local officials the basics of running the system; the training sessions are open for all municipalities in the country.

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