Gábor Vona held a presentation at Marmara University in Istanbul - Turks support the Székelys' struggle for autonomy

Friday, November 1, 2013

Hundreds of students, professors, politicians, and members of the civil society attended Jobbik President Gábor Vona's presentation at Marmara University in Istanbul, yesterday.

In his Facebook entry Gábor Vona writes: “I held a presentation at Marmara University in Istanbul. The atmosphere was indescribable. Hundreds of students and teachers attended the lecture. Organizers told me that hundreds of people stuck outside. The love I've received from my hosts was quite amazing, I was celebrated like a star. In my lecture, I have asked my audience to support the Székely cause because the Székelys are also Atilla's grandchildren. At the end of the forum the Dean of the University gave me a plaque."

In his presentation, Vona said the Turanian alliance could be the best option for all kindred people of which Hungary could be the westernmost member state connecting East and West.

Regarding the current world political climate, Vona has told the Turkish audience that globalism destroys societies that give up their values ​​and traditions or unable to protect them: "The world today is in upheaval, full of injustice and violence. According to some, the upheavals are the result of the clash of civilizations, cultures and religions, including the Christian West and the Muslim East. However, this is not the whole truth, and we know that half-truth is worse than lie, because it is easier to sell. It is true that Christianity and Islam fought against each other in the past, no one knows this better than Hungarians and Turks. But all this is now, belongs to history, the current struggle in the world is much deeper. Today, Euro-Atlanticism globalizes the rest of the world. Eastern Europe and the rest of Europe have already colonized, the next will be the Islamic world."

Gábor Vona's lecture was interrupted by applause several times. When he outlined the Székely struggle for autonomy someone from the audience gave him a Székely flag -- the symbols of the Székely flag, the sun and moon, are portrayed as they are rendered on a number of Turkic country's flag.

TRT Haber Turkish public television news program aired a five-minute report about the last Sunday's Székely march for autonomy just like other Turkish portals that covered the event extensively after all the Székelys are also kindred people.

After the forum, the Jobbik president met with those young Turkish football fans that displayed the slogan "We are all Attila's grandchildren" during the Turkey - Hungary football match to reciprocate the gesture of the Hungarian fans.

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