Gábor Vona: Hungarian -Turkish brotherhood is timeless

Monday, November 4, 2013

On his last leg of the Turkey tour, Jobbik President Gábor Vona was greeted about 400-500 hundred people waving Hungarian and Szekely flags at Istanbul's oldest university.

In his lecture, the Jobbik chairman reiterated what he already said in his previous presentations: He hasn't come to Turkey to build diplomatic and economic relations, but to meet his brothers and sisters.

Jobbik is under attack from Westerners because it supports Turkey and other Turkic peoples, including Azerbaijan in international conflicts. Jobbik will never cooperate with any "right-wing" Western radical organization that considers Turkey and Islam enemies. According to Vona, without the anti-Islam and anti-Turkish propaganda the programs of these Western radical parties are toothless.

Anti-Islamic and anti-Turkish Western European hate-mongers can only learn from Muslims and the Turks -- love of family, respect of tradition, and patriotism.

The Jobbik president stressed that Jobbik considers Turkey and all other Turkic peoples kindred nations; brotherhood is more than just friendship, it is a fraternal bond said Vona.

Someone from the audience asked him why he supported Turkey and Islam in such a hostile international environment, when today, this is not a fashionable thing to do for which he gets no reward only more attacks. Vona replied that he did not care about the attacks, he got used to them; he cares only about his homeland, Hungary and its sister nations -- those who are attacking Islam and Turkey first, should deeply reflect upon their own lives and then, criticize others.

Regarding his relationship with Islam, Vona repeated what he has already outlined in several of his earlier articles: Islam humanity's last hope in the darkness of globalism and liberalism. Vona has also revealed that his personal life was also influenced by Islam as he has many Muslim colleagues and friends, and one of his wedding witnesses was a young Palestinian man.

As in his other lectures, Vona has given a prominent place to the issue of the Székely autonomy, which in the future will be fully supported by the Turks as well.

At the end of his presentation, just like in earlier occasions, Vona said a few sentences in Turkish, then, he has answered students' questions and talked to the Turkish media.

( / Adam Horvath ( Istanbul) /


Ömer Kılıç said...

My sisters and btorthers we love you.I lıke Gabor Vona god bless you.Greetings from Turkey <3

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