Government wants to plant intellectually challenged over-aged students into the primary school system to destroy the quality of education

Thursday, November 28, 2013

A potential grade five student

Fear and trembling in Miskolc's “Selyemrét” district; the government wants to plant intellectually challenged gypsy students and other dropouts aged 18-25 in the primary school system forcing 6-14 years olds to attend classes with over-aged students. Parents are terrified by the idea, which if goes ahead as planned will hamper the education of their children.

The news has reached Jobbik politicians as well that investigated the report; at Wednesday's press conference Jobbik MP Lajos Badány said parents have reason to be afraid; indeed, the Fidesz government is planning to enroll over-age students, age 18 and over into the Selyemrét Primary School.

The Jobbik politician found the plan outrageous. It is more than bizarre that the ruling party would force 10-year-olds to attend classes with ex-convicts, 20-year-old adults who can terrorize schoolchildren. If Fidesz wants to help dropouts, do that within the framework of adult education said the Jobbik politician.

Péter Jakab, Jobbik local government representative drew attention to the fact that the Selyemrét Primary School is not the only one that is being targeted; the government plans to introduce the system in other schools as well. The politician stressed that the government pays close to HUF 50 thousand per month to over-aged students willing to attend classes. It is the money and not the desire to finish their primary education that motivates the dropouts said the Jobbik politician.

The program is being coordinated by the Türr István Training and Research Institute, which is currently under investigation for tax evasion.

The Jobbik politician called on Miskolc city council to block the looming atrocity by all means. If the government is not prepared to change its mind Jobbik will once again take the streets to protect school children from being abused by government officials said the politician.

(Note: This is one of the most bizarre cases I've ever heard in quite some time. By all probability, the government was blackmailed by forces working on the destruction of the Hungarian education system. What was the nature of the blackmail is immaterial, but there are reasons to believe that here too the same forces are at work that run the third world immigration project in western Europe, as the goal is the same in both cases, dumb down the population and accelerate the dissolution of society. Most probably, the threat of antisemitism was also introduced into the picture to help convince officials to go ahead with this crazy project. The government is terrified of the whip of antisemitism, it does everything to appease those that use it.)

Jobbik spokeswoman Dóra Dúró called on the government to release the name of the person that brainstormed the idea of enrolling ex-cons into the elementary school system and blending them with the regular student population of the school and discipline the individual for this outrageous idea.

(The Fidesz party is infested with globalist agents working for the enemy. By releasing the name of the person we would learn who is the individual that is working for the puppet-masters because surely, such an atrocious idea can't originate from a descent patriotic Hungarian person.)

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Anonymous said...

Ridiculous, I hope that won't be accepted. Greeting from Poland!
Lengyel, Magyar – két jó barát, együtt harcol, s issza borát!

Ojr said...

he is an imbecile and should given a frontal lobotomy

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