Horthy's statue was unveiled in Budapest city center

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hundreds of hysterical protesters, many of them wore yellow star, rallied at the "Hazatérés Temploma", to express their opposition to the unveiling of a Horthy bust at the entrance of the church.

Protesters carried banners and shouted slogans we have heard a million times before -- Horthy was a mass murderer, he is responsible for the deportation of Jews, Nazis, Long live Rakosi.

At the unveiling ceremony Jobbik MP Márton Gyöngyösi praised Horthy by saying that the governor rebuilt the country after the deadly Bolshevik rampage following the First World War and the catastrophe of Trianon, which was the darkest time in the history of our country.

Unfortunately, after the collapse of communism in 1989 the political heirs of Bela Kun, Matyas Rakosi and other Bolshevik criminals sold the country out to foreign colonizers.

After Gyöngyösi's speech Pastor Loránt Hegedűs emerged from the church and unveiled the Horthy bust. Those attended the unveiling ceremony then sang the Székely National Anthem meanwhile hysterical protesters on the street shouted obscenities, anti-Horthy slurs and booed.

At the unveiling ceremony speakers reaffirmed that Horthy was Hungary's last true statesman, therefore remembering him is a duty. Unfortunately, certain forces distorted the role of Horthy in Hungarian history.

After the inauguration ceremony Pastor Loránt Hegedűs said it was outrageous that a celebratory worship was disrupted in such a violent manner; then, he pointed out that the protesters themselves were also victims of the falsification of history. These people probably try to damage the bust therefore, it will be protected with security alarm as well as with man power said the pastor.

Fidesz floor leader Antal Rogán had dissociated his party from the event even before the bust was unveiled.

The government is already bracing for a new round of attacks by the globalist media.

Most probably, the most corrupt among all, the Austrian, German and French media will launch a new wave of attacks on the country starting Monday, as the election campaign is already in full swing and the globalists are desperate to bring the political successors of Bela Kun, Matyas Rakosi and other Bolshevik criminals back to power to be able continue looting the country.

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Anonymous said...

Most of those protesters are E14 and Socialist. Expect with elections around the corner an increase in such activity, organized by different left-wing or ethnic-interest groups.

It is their right to disagree, but again, it must be shown who these people represent, which schools, organizations, and even countries these people come from.

Anonymous said...

Fifth Columns, particularly the Communist, Marxist, Trotsky varieties are caustic to society. Fortunately, these "fellow travelers" wear their yellow ("victimology") "badge of honor". These people selectively "remember history" - forgetting there are +100 MILLION MURDERED victims of Communism - European Christians, Chinese, Asians and others resisting the imposition of a tyrannical New World Order NWO through the communist murder machine.

Do these (dual citizen) fellow travelers not know the history of the country they are living in ? Do they not know the history of the Communist murder machine attempting to or is their memory that selective ? What did the Communists immediately due in 1919 when taking over Budapest ? The murder machine.

Unfortunately, the complicit "Western" elites will not absolutely condemn Communism to stop these fellow travelers from having a "Soap Box" to air their dirty laundry.

Who were the communists - Lenin, Trotsky, Beria and their fellow travelers ?

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