Hundreds of people remembered the liberation of Budapest by Admiral Miklós Horthy

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hundreds of people gathered at Kosztolányi Dezső square in Budapest on Sunday afternoon to commemorate to the liberation of Budapest by Admiral Miklós Horthy. Ninety-four years ago today at the height of the Bolshevik killing spree, Miklós Horthy entered Budapest to put an end to the 133 days of murderous rampage perpetrated by psychopathic murderer Bela Kun and his fellow monsters.

In the wake of the Trianon catastrophe when Hungary lost more than half of its former territory and population Horthy restored national self-confidence and built one of Europe's most successful national economies.

Jobbik vice-President Előd Novák said Admiral Horthy would deserve a full-length statue at St. Gellert square. The former governor could be an example for the entire Hungarian nation he added.

The demonstrators then, marched with police escort along the Bartók Béla avenue while Horthy and military songs of the two world wars were played over loudspeakers. The demonstrators waved Hungarian national, Árpád stripe, Jobbik and Szekely flags, a Polish national flag also appeared in the crowd.

The procession ended at Gellért square where a few dozens supporters of globalist agent Gordon Bajnai tried to disrupt the march. The liberal-Bolshevik mob held up signs and shouted anti-Horthy slogans, but they had no impact whatsoever on the remembrance ceremony, it went ahead as planned.

Most nationalist organizations including Jobbik, the HVIM, the Hungarian Guard and many others took part in the commemoration service; after the speeches the crowd dispersed peacefully.

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