Hungarian Cultural Institute will be inaugurated in Beijing on Wednesday by Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Péter Szijjártó

Monday, November 11, 2013

The opening of the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Beijing will be a major milestone event in the history of the institution.

It will be housed in one of Beijing's most iconic modern building complexes the Galaxy Soho designed by Zaha Hadid and located in the heart of the Chinese capital.

The Hungarian Cultural Institute incorporates classrooms, reading rooms, an exhibition hall, and a café suitable for concerts. The institute is led by archaeologist-sinologist Buslig Sonia Andrea; its mission is to introduce the diversity of Hungarian culture and arts to the Chinese public and promote cultural activities between the two countries.

The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Relations of the Prime Minister's office Péter Szijjártó, who is already in China, will open the institute co-jointly with the director of the Ballasi Institute Pál Hatos.

The opening event will include a fashion show introducing the best of Hungarian design to the Chines public with the active participation of Hungarian and Chinese models; the show will be highlighted with a specific video installation as well.

The other major goal of the fashion show is to introduce Hungary's creative talent and the products of the Hungarian creative industry to the world including Chinese investors.

The fashion show presents a team of designers that have drawn inspiration from Hungarian folk art and incorporating folk motifs into their designs. Their clothes neatly illustrate the tradition, innovations, and the current trend that characterizes Hungarian fashion design at the present time said the strategic director of Design Terminal Böszörményi Nagy Gergely; he also remarked that a week after the premiere show in Beijing the team will join to the Hungarian government's business delegation traveling to Japan with the aim to introduce the products of the Hungarian creative industry to Japanese investors.

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