Jobbik President Gábor Vona: The real division in the world today is not among religions and cultures...

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

In an interview with alfahir, Jobbik President Gábor Vona clarifies some of his views on issues relating to Jobbik's eastern partnership policy.

Here are some of the highlights.

"I gave four lectures in several Turkish Universities this month; my hosts and the Turkish people received me with incomprehensible affection, which of course has also been directed towards Jobbik and the entire Hungarian nation."

"During my trip, I met politicians and members of Turkey's business community as well. One of the most remarkable things that happen to me was that people recognized me on the street in Istanbul with the population of 20 million. In the subway a young soccer player came up to me and hugged me. It meant a lot to him that I have come to visit them as a brother."

"I have been talking about Turkey's strategic significance for years, after all we are talking about a country of 80 million people, which has the second largest army in NATO, and its economic development over the past 10 years comparable only to China... Also let's not forget that this is the country that sent aid ships to the Gaza Strip... The Turkish people despite all of our historical conflicts consider us relatives...A boulevard in the center of Istanbul is called the "Hungarian brothers" boulevard. In school they teach that the Hungarians are relatives... Against this background, it would be a colossal mistake if the Hungarian foreign policy ignore this brotherly bond while we have no allies in the international arena."

"I wrote an article in 2010 in which I outlined that the real division in the world today is not among religions, cultures or countries, but among forces that are trying to preserve tradition and those opposing it. Currently, Islam is the most able force that can resist the unipolar world order advocated by the United States."

"We Hungarians have to join forces with those that fight for a just world order. This force could be a country or a community, it can be Christian, Muslim or Buddhist. The point is that not to be a servant of global liberalism. Hungary today allied itself with forces that destroyed its economy, took advantage of its cheap labor force, flooded its markets with their own goods, forced the country into senseless wars, trample on our national tradition and call us racist. Is it good for us? I ask."

Isn't it weird that the leader of a party that stands for Christian values and whose president is a Roman Catholic makes such pro-Islamic statements?

"It is, especially if these statements are misinterpreted. This issue is not about supporting Islam against Christianity. I said Islamic cultures were more protective of their tradition than the Christian ones. This is a fact. I wish if the Christian churches would be more forceful in preserving national tradition, and firmly denounce the intellectual and spiritual pollution of liberalism. As a Roman Catholic, I have said many times before, it is not right if the church is content with merely being a religious institution, and not speaking up against lies. The ideological struggle should also be undertaken by the religious institutions."

"Jobbik is a political party that defines itself based on Christian values, but the actual relationship with God should be a personal affair. As a Hungarian, for me Christianity carries universal human values, which are the same ​​in all world religions. Therefore, there is a need for dialogue among the different religious groups -- at national level, ecumenism, and internationally dialogue between world's religions. The Turanian alliance could be exemplary in this regard, as it made up by countries with Christian, Muslim, and Buddhist backgrounds. I do not know whether you noticed that the president of the racist and xenophobic Jobbik party is talking about dialogue of cultures and religions."

Are you not afraid that these pro-Islamic statements make it impossible for your party to forge future alliances with the national radical parties in Western Europe?

"Obviously, in countries such as Austria or France that are suffering from the problem of immigration, are very difficult to consider the Islamic world as an ally in the struggle against globalism. I can understand their anger. But they also need to understand that based on the behavior of refugees the entire Islamic community of half a billion can't be judged. My position concerning the Islamic world shouldn't be understood that I advocate the conversion of Europe into the Muslim faith, neither that I support immigration. I personally, appreciate all peoples and cultures and I would be happy to learn more about them in their natural environments."

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Géza said...

As I said many times before Gábor Vona is blind for the true face of islam (and it's teachings) He is playing the same dangerious game the liberals and left wing in the West played with islam for decades.

There are two forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under certain circumstances, taqiyya and kitman. These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause Islam - in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them.

Also the Turkish governement and it's leading party are very clear about their views and islamitic agenda.

Islam never had a dialogue with non-moslims in it's history and never will. See the teachings and history of islam. There most important statement is very clear, "there is no god but allah and muhammed is his prophet."

I didn't write god and allah with capitals, because I deny that their god is the same God we find in the Bible.

First of all as a "Christian" (which he is not in the biblical sence) Vona has to understand that the Bible is clear about in whom you put your trust and hope as savior, Jesus Christ! Islam calls this one of the biggest sins! It rejects Jesus as savior for mankind. The Bible is very clear about that too. Everone who denies Jesus as savior is lost to begin with and is the anti-christ.

Our forefathers fought against the turks and their religion to protect christian and hungarian civilization and culture and many gave there lives doing so. Vona spits on their graves and memory by his words.

It is sad to see that Jobbik and especially Vona becomes more and more dangerious for us Hungarians with those views and alliances with the moslim world.

Our hope is not islam, but in the God of the Bible.

As true Hungarian nationalists we have to be united with eachother and other Europian nationalist groups or we will be destroyed by our real enemies!

Ricsi said...

Dear Géza,our 'real' enemy is the jew and those dark forces aligned to them.

Anonymous said...

I dont like this muslim friendship. Vona should keep this things to his self, becuase muslims are big problem in the west.

Anonymous said...

The only big and real problem in the West are the JEWS and the zionist occupation govs

M Glenn said...

anonymous is correct. The only thing the Jews fear is Christians and Muslims coming together in an alliance against them, which is what Jobbik is all about and God bless them for it.

M Glenn said...

Geza is an idiot who buys into all the Jewish propaganda about Islam. The only religion that preaches deception as a means of gaining the trust of your intended victim is Judaism. All one need do is look at the west and its moral corruption--due almost entirely to the moral subservience of Christians to Jewish media, and compare that to what exists in Islamic countries to see that Islam is better insulated against these corrupt forces, which is why the Jews want them destroyed.

mothman777 said...

"Currently, Islam is the most able force that can resist the unipolar world order advocated by the United States."

BULLSHIT. Islam is insane and can never offer anything but complete terror and bloodshed. If anyone refuses to become Muslim it says in the Koran that they must be put to the sword. The only way to survive in a Muslim world if you are not Muslim is to pay protection money, an additional 'tax' known as Jizya, so that they will not kill you if you want to stay 'alive' wherever the Muslims have taken over. Oh, but after you die, you must be burned alive repeatedly for all eternity, with no possibility of forgiveness for al eternity after death from 'the all merciful, the all compassionate Supreme Sadist and Hypocrite Allah, whilst being forced to swallow boiling water and being beaten with iron rods eternally. And that will bring a means to provide resistance to the NWO ? I think not. Islam is another NWO, a living death of total fear and hate worse than the Jewish version that states in the Talmud that all Gentiles, even the best of them, should all be killed. The Torah of the Sephardim also states that when the messiah comes, all Gentiles will be exterminated from the world, and their souls sent to hell under the Angel Duma (in the Jewish religion, all Gentile souls are held to be eternally non-living demonic souls from Satan, who are totally and irredeemably evil, who must all be killed. That is the facts as they really are. People need to ban all Abrahamic religions as terrorist organizations that are destroying this entire world. I still believe in God though, believing instead in the non-Abrahamic ancient and valid Vaishnava philosophy of Krishna, in which no souls go to any eternal hell, because one does not exist to terrorize people out of their wits with, and in that faith, ALL souls come from God, not just Jewish ones, and ALL souls can eventually return to God, not just Jews, or Muslims, or Christians (who all condemn each other to eternal hell in their twisted and hate-filled Abrahamic religions).

That being said, all non-Jewish religions need to stand side-by-side at this time and together destoy the Jewish NWO military machine, or ALL non-Jews will die. Check out the 1991US Noahide Laws hat state that in the event of a national emergency and the suspension of the Constitution, ANY OR ALL non-Jews in the US may be executed FOR NOT BEING JEWISH. See David Duke's excellent article on this.

John Woodward said...

Geza is indeed a fool or a misinformation agent.

Marc Veilleux said...

While it is true that there are friendly muslims, it is very dangerous to make alliance with them because most of the muslem world's leaders is well Under the influence of freemasons and Jews; and their populations follow them. When they are not Under the influence of freemasons, the freemasons hire muslems terrorists to overthrow the regime and replace it by one that is Under their influence. The leaders of Turkey have been freemasons for more than a century and I believe they still are. The only thing the Fallen angels and their puppets jews and freemasons fear is Christians! Period! Muslims cannot oppose them!

Anonymous said...

The writer is right. Moral decay, having children out of wedlock ,homosexuality are all EXCEPTED by the church .Muslims are the only one that will NOT compromise with their religion .That is why the world ,nwo , navo and all that support them want to have it destroyed. That is why the propaganda, why the media wants to have the world hate it.I applaud Hongary that they are among Christian countries the only one that said NO to : foreign bankers and genetically modified foods. Be happy with this government !

Ingrid B said...

I support the opinions of M Glenn, and anonymous. Islam has been demonized to suit the NWO agenda. The unity of true christianity, and Islam is vital, in order to prevent world domination, and slavery, of the goyim, by the "chosen"..

Anonymous said...

Moral and political philosopher John McMurtry discusses the Cancer Stage of Capitalism and the decline of society due to the SYSTEM.

Remember folks, as we bicker amongst ourselves, the Globalists win. Keep the focus (of anger) on the New World Order NWO Globalists.

Anonymous said...

A little history lesson of the elites who created Communism.

Of Right/Left Paradigms & Red Scar(e)s by Dean Henderson

...But this progressive political framework, grounded in industrial capitalist history and sorely lacking at most corporate-controlled universities, must gather courage to take a step beyond mere criticism of the “system” and to identify the companies, banks and shareholder families which thrive off of and perpetuate this madness. ...

Hans-Georg Lundahl said...

Hans-Georg Lundahl said...

Trivium, Quadrivium & caetera

Sorry, now it is clickable!

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