Mongolia is interested in buying Hungarian-developed drones

Friday, November 8, 2013

Mongolia is interested in buying Hungarian-developed drones and expressed its willingness to cooperate with the Hungarian defense industry, said Defense Minister Csaba Hende who is in an official visit in Mongolia.

Csaba Hende and his Mongolian counterpart Dasdemberel Bat-Erdene reviewed potential areas of defense cooperation between the two countries, including exchange of experiences and information, personnel exchanges, training and education, as well as industrial research and development.

Mongolia interested in Hungary's water purification technologies as well. Hungary could greatly benefit from further developing ties with Mongolia, as the country's GDP growth has been above 10 percent for years, and spends nearly one percent of its GDP on military developments.

Minister Hende arrived in the Mongolian capital from South Korea and will travel to China later in the day.

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