PM Orbán: The European Union is not an elite club, but the club of adversaries

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

We were once a sugar producing super power, because we were among the first to recognize in the nineteenth century that sugar will be a mass market product.

The sugar factories survived the two world wars, but did not survive the period of political and economic transformation that came in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union; then, we had 12 sugar factories employing 8,000 people and producing 600 thousand tons of sugar explained the prime minister in Kaposvár at the inauguration ceremony of the Kaposvar Sugar Factory, the only factory remained after the collapse of communism.

According to the prime minister, many people thought in 2004, when Hungary joined the European Union that we would be entering into an elite club; but, it turned out that the EU is "the club of adversaries (predators?) where everyone has to fight for his own interest; those who will not do this, despised and ridiculed behind their back".

Hungary today, imports two-thirds of its sugar needs said PM Orbán. However, in 2010, we realized that a new world order is emerging; therefore, let's not focus only on the current crisis, but also prepare for the post-crisis era said the prime minister.

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For more explanation what it means that the EU is not an elite club watch this explanatory video.


Anonymous said...

The Neo-Imperialist Corporatist Order and the “Men Behind the Curtain”

NGOs and “System Administrators”: Trojan Horses for International Subversion

A critical modern-day “negative” that is threatening humanity as we know it is the emergence of an increasingly transparent “neo-imperialist” order that is currently subverting the world and seeking to control the destiny of humanity in manners not unlike to what imperialism has done throughout the ages. This “empire”, unlike previous ones, is not serving the interest of a specific country or nationality but an international cabal of corporate-financier, self-proclaimed “globalist” elite operating from the Wall Street-London axis of power along with international bankers, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and related financial and political institutions...

Rather, it is an empire that seeks the subversion of both the American people and the world by the creation of an international corporatist order where power is centralized in hands of a collective, privileged few expanding their control through the means of co-opted governments and force...
Also mentioned is a University of Zurich study demonstrating that a handful of 147 corporations which interlock with various other corporate fronts own 40% of the world’s wealth...

The role of “system administrators” was a crucial element in both the British Empire and the current globalist system when coming from the “humanitarian” angle...NGOs serve as networks of intrusion into sovereign nations’ institutions with the intent of absorbing those nations into the agenda of the international consensus of Wall Street and London.
...A final point of comparison revolves around the manner in which the British Empire was dismantled and the promise that it holds to dismantling the current imperialist system. The key lies in boycotting the corrupt system and its corporate backbone and building self-sufficient communities outside of it...

Anonymous said...

An interesting discussion of the political-economy and geo-politics including regional strategies.

Putin victorious as Ukraine postpones ‘trade suicide’, halts talks with EU

Facing its most important economic crosswords since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Kiev has aligned itself closer to Russia, and has suspended preparations to sign an EU trade deal.

Russia has warned a step west towards Ukraine would be "trade suicide" and result in billions in lost trade revenue and that joining the Russia-led Customs Union is more beneficial.

Ukraine will “restore an active dialogue” with the Customs Union and the CIS, as economic and foreign ministers proposed Ukraine, Russia, and the EU create a tri-party commission to improve and strengthen trade relations...

Russia proposes to link Seoul to Europe by rail

During his official visit to Seoul, Russian president Vladimir Putin introduced the idea of linking South Korean capital to Europe by train. This project would involve going through North Korea.

The president proposed the creation of an intergovernmental company held by Russia (36%), South-Korea (34%) and North-Korea (30%). POSCO, Korail and Hyundai Merchant Marine could possibly take part, despite the current trade ban with North-Korea.

Russia intends to expand the ’’Silk Road’’ across Korea. Since the end of Septembecr, Russia has connected the Transiberian train to the North Korean harbour of Rason.

American Sanctions against Iran: A Two-Edged Sword

...After Washington forced Europe to join the economic sanctions against Tehran, Iran's trade and economic ties have almost entirely shifted to Asia (currently over 90% of Iran's exports), with only 3% conducted with Europe and North and South America. Tehran's new trade focus is making Washington uneasy; it is accustomed to acting on the principle "divide and conquer"...

America Is Cutting Off Its Nose to Spite Its Face

However, the main negative effect of the economic sanctions for Washington is that they promote the weakening of the U.S. dollar in the world and undermine the petrodollar system. It is well known that the foundation of the petrodollar system was laid exactly 40 years ago in the Middle East. At that time Saudi Arabia, under pressure from Washington, agreed to conduct all transactions for delivery of "black gold" in U.S. dollars. Furthermore, the agreements called for depositing the dollar revenue from oil exports in banks on Wall Street and in the City of London. A system for recycling petrodollars was created. In exchange for this service, Washington promised the Saudis weapons and military and political patronage, including a guarantee of tolerance from neighboring Israel. Other countries in the region followed...
Today Iran is 100% emancipated from the U.S. dollar as a medium of exchange between countries. Iran, even with all the current difficulties in its economic development, has set a precedent and proved that it is possible to do without "greenbacks". Washington has forced Tehran to switch to using barter, currencies other than the dollar, and gold...

Anonymous said...

Ukraine saved itself from a disaster trade agreement with the EU. Unfortunately, the "new entrant" (former Soviet Union states) fell into the EU financial, colonization trap.

EU trade deal would be Ukraine’s ‘ticket for the Titanic’

...because this deal would have been a disaster for Ukraine. It would have wiped out millions of jobs, it would have led to rising prices in Ukraine. I think it’s a lucky escape really, because I think this deal was bad news for Ukraine. It would be like somebody today going back in time to 1912 and buying a ticket for the Titanic, it would be national suicide for the Ukrainian government to sign this...
If we look around the region, all the countries that have signed the EU deals, their economies have suffered badly, and the economies that haven’t, Belarus for example, they have done much better. There is a great myth for countries of the ex-socialist bloc that if you are going to join EU or sign trade deals with the EU, you’ll get prosperity. It’s actually the opposite. If you want your country to be ruined, then join the EU or sign a trade deal...
Well, it depends how far they go down the EU path. Let’s suppose, if Ukraine have been in the EU already, they would have signed up this disastrous trade embargo on Iran. [It’s] absolutely nuts for the EU to put that through. So Ukraine benefits from not being in the EU. I think for the future of Ukraine, it’s quite clear: to be with Russia for energy deals, for its economy. The EU is a sinking ship, it’s a Titanic of 2013 and no one in a right state of mind wants to join the sinking ship or buy a ticket to join a sinking ship. Ukraine’s future must lie with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan in a Customs Union...
This sort of myth that the streets in the EU are paved with gold. The EU is, as I said before, a sinking ship. If we look around the region, look at Poland: what a disastrous economy the Poles have got – with 30 percent youth unemployment, Poles have to immigrate to Britain to work, it’s a tragedy. Compare this with Belarus, where they have a very low unemployment, Belarus isn’t in the EU like Poland, it’s done much better than Poland. The evidence around this region tells you that joining the EU or actually signing trade deals with the EU is not the way to go, it’s a disaster. It must be not for the elites, but for the ordinary people. Ukraine wouldn’t have been industrialized by this deal, the factories would have been closed, prices would have gone up and unemployment would have risen. So it’s a kind of myth that the EU is a way to prosperity for countries of Eastern Europe. It’s not. Russia is the country that can offer great deals to Ukraine, that’s where its future lies,

5 reasons Ukraine stepped away from the EU

Ukraine’s decision to halt its European ambitions and again cozy up to Russia days before it was scheduled to sign an EU agreement has sent all sorts of mixed signals, and here are some theories on why they made the move back to Moscow.

Ukraine hasn’t explicitly said it won’t sign at the Vilnius summit on November 28, but doing so would trigger a trade blockade from Russia, which in the short-term could effectively cripple its economy.

Ukrainian ministers delivered their decision to suspend the EU trade deal in favor of tri-lateral talks that also include the country's number one trading partner, Russia...

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