PM Viktor Orbán: Hungary will regain its fame

Friday, November 8, 2013

The greatness of a nation manifests itself in its sciences, sports and culture; regarding these features, Hungary is not only stronger today, but slowly but surely it recovers its former greatness, said PM Viktor Orbán, at the reopening gala of the Erkel Theatre in Budapest on Thursday.

The prime minister stressed that Hungarians have always considered themselves a nation of culture; the theaters, the opera houses and the concert halls are the temples of national culture in which the greatness of the nation's spirit manifests itself.

Hungary can be proud that this spring the Budapest Music Center has opened its doors just like the Academy of Music, and now the Erkel Theatre; very soon the renovated Opera House and the Castle Garden Bazaar will be reopen to the public as well. Architects have already been working on the City Park Museum District; these are the signs that the country is not only stronger today, but step by step, it recovers its former fame said the prime minister.

Even if the country's economy is stronger than before, improving the economy is not the final goal; a strong economy only a strong base, which creates opportunities for the nation to show its greatness that manifests itself in its uniqueness of its arts and culture.

There are voices that say investing into theaters, sport facilities, and culture is a waste of money, while the whole of Europe is in deep recession. Regarding these opinions, we can remind ourselves of Winston Churchill's remark: what it is we are fighting for, and why we are struggling and working every day.

There are many indigenous people in the world that have no natural economy, GDP, trade balance, and often they do not use money, but they are clinging to their culture and tradition, which distinguish them from others said PM Viktor Orbán.

November 7 is a unique date in the history of our nation; 203 years ago today the composer of the National Anthem Ferenc Erkel was born; but this is also a dark day in our history; on this day, we were forced to celebrate the anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution in the communist era. Let's now, designate November 7 as the day of the Hungarian opera concluded his speech the prime minister.

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