Russia bans the promotion of abortion

Friday, November 29, 2013

The revival of Russian culture and tradition are ongoing while the indigenous population of Europe under the tight control of demonic forces is dwindling away.

Banning the promotion of abortions in Russia is only the first step towards a brighter future. Politicians have already been discussing the possibility of banning abortions and surrogacy altogether, which would be a major blow to the satanic agenda of population control by globalist forces and a major step towards reviving Russian culture and tradition.

“In early October an official representative of the Russian Orthodox Church blasted abortions and surrogacy as 'mutiny against God' and less than a month later the head of the Lower House committee for family and children, Yelena Mizulina, said in a speech that the community must urgently stop tolerating abortions and surrogacy as they threaten to wipe out the population in Russia, and the world as a whole.”

Regarding abortions, the situation in Hungary is just as critical as in Russia. Between 1956 and 1990 five million abortions were performed in Hungary. In a 17-year period following the collapse of communism, approximately eight hundred thousand "legal" abortions were performed in the country.

According to conservative estimates, since 1956 until today, including the "illegal" abortions as well, about six million abortions were carried out, which is a catastrophe of gargantuan proportions, a true Hungarian holocaust.

A few years ago the Hungarian government launched an ad campaign promoting adoption. It was a very timid attempt by the state to inform women that there were other options besides abortions - offer unwanted babies for adoption. But even this lame attempt by the government to offer an alternative to killing fetuses was too much for the European Union that ordered government officials to shut down the campaign and remove all posters relating to the ad campaign from public places.

Behind the scenes forces doesn't seem to tolerate any other good alternative to the butchery of fetuses in the mother's womb because to them the only good baby is the dead baby -- in their view, the fastest way of reducing the native population of west is abortion.

Due to indoctrination and loss of experiences, future generations fast losing their abilities to revive their ancestors' way of life. This is what the Russians try to prevent from happening while there is still time.

The suicide of the west is a major warning to every country still carries some potential for cultural renewal.



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