Short-track European Champion Zsuzsanna Jakabos recovering from successful shoulder operation

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"I had a chronic shoulder inflammation for many years; often, I was unable to raise a bottle of mineral water, so I decided to go under the knife. I missed this year's short course season to be able to compete next summer's European Championship in Berlin."

"The full recovery will take five months, according to my doctor. I start physiotherapy and aqua therapy soon. I plan to start regular trainings in January in Győr, the city I really like. I get lots of help from the city even if I live there only for a month" said Jakabos.

"I don't miss Budapest. I ended up in Győr by following my coach Ivan Petrov with whom I plan my future career. He wants me to build bigger muscles, which won't be an easy task because of the strict dietary rules I follow. Due to the fact that I stopped training for months I lost 4-5 kilos of my muscles. In the spring I want to get back to the normally training schedule to be able to compete the summer, which won't be an easy task to accomplish under such a short period of time. I will have to start everything from scratch, I must re-learn how to swim, which can change even my techniques. The events I will compete in probably remain the same. The goal is to compete at the Rio Olympics, which will be my fourth; after that we'll see..."

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