The inventor of the legendary Kalashnikov assault rifle celebrates his 94 birthday today

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Photo: RIA Novosti

Mikhail Kalashnikov who invented the legendary Kalashnikov assault rifle celebrates his 94 birthday today in a close family setting.

For the occasion, a new museum complex is being planned in the designer's native village Kurja located in the Altay region. The opening ceremony of the museum has been scheduled for November 15th, which will be attended by the famous inventor and his family members as well.

Mikhail Kalashnikov was born on November 10, 1919. He invented the world-famous Kalashnikov assault rifle​​, which bears his name.

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Anonymous said...

It's BS. Bulldung.
Kalashnikov did NOT invent or design this weapon. He was a young punk, in 1947 (27). During the War he was not studying or designing weapons or anything, but was a tank driver. A mere two years later he "designs" this super advanced (for the time) weapon. Out of thin air. All by himself. What a crock of excrement; gimme a break. He did not invent anything BEFORE, nor AFTER(!), and that should be a massive red flag in itself. The weapons designing crowd of history were not one trick ponies like this turkey is/was.
Teh REAL inventor was a German SLAVE in the Soviet Union, captured in 1945 and shipped there in 1946 named: Hugo Schmeisser. He was in Izhevsk in the southern Ural Mountains, where a center of Russian firearms development was located.
He was let go back to E. Germany in 1952; a year later he was dead. It would not surprise me, if it would come out eventually, that he died (killed) so he could not tell that Kalashnikov was just a young punk know-nothing helper in the design dept, working under Schmeisser.

For propaganda purposes, Kalashnikov was credited with the design; probably he was a good little suck-up communist, who could be trusted.

HungarianAmbiance said...

Interesting piece of information. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

AK-47 was based on the German MP44 (STG44). The AK-47 design and look is almost a carbon copy of the German assault riffle. I'm not surprised if the Soviets copied MP44's they captured near the end of the war. Don't forget that both the Soviets and Americans were taking and copying any German war technology that they could get their hands on because of the start of the cold war.

Thomas O. Meehan said...

If you take a schematic of the Browning Automatic Rifle and turn it upside down, with the gas return on the top, you have the basic AK mechanism. There are only so many ways to achieve selective fire in a hand held weapon. The secret to the success of the modern assault rifle is the intermediate size cartridge. The smaller carttridge makes the concept possible. Once the Germans understood that, the mechanics was simple. The AK does look a lot like several German assault rifles but it is simpler and more reliable.

I am interested in the tale about Schmeisser. If true it would explain a lot.

Anonymous said...

H. Schmeisser designed the STG44 = Sturmgewehr 44 (among other things, like the MP41).
Khalashnikov claims that he started the AK47 design in 1943. He was 23 at the time without an engineering degree! Do you think that a 23 yr old punk would be allowed in some design place rather than out on the front? In the Soviet Union in 1943?? A degree-less 23 yr old punk exempted from active military service in '43(!) to play infantry weapons designer in a safe, quiet place? Who can believe this charlatan's bullshit?
The dummy at times he forgets his clumsy, illogical and unbelievable lies and states (I saw and heard him in an interview) that he was a tank driver, fighting Germans.

Because he is a complete fake, that is why he has no previous gun inventions to 1947, nor any after.

Khalasnikov's contribution to the AK47'd development was ZERO, other than his name.

Anonymous said...

Thomas O. Meehan:
Schmeisser's being taken to the Soviet Union in '46 is not a tale but a FACT.
His being in the Soviet weapons development center of Izhevsk is NOT an "if". It's an EASILY verifiable FACT. He was there until 1952.
Google is your friend...
Use it.

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