The Russian anti-gay law beneficial effects: Ikea removed an article from its Russian laguage publication that promotes gay lifestye

Friday, November 22, 2013

The publisher of Ikea's Russian language magazine removed an article from its recent edition that describes two lesbian women who are raising children as a couple in London.

The spokesperson of the Swedish multinational retail company Ylva Magnusson said the article had to be removed because it had violated the Russian law that banned the promotion of homosexual lifestyle.

"We must keep the laws of the country in which we operate" explained the spokesperson, adding that this decision was taken after consultation with Russian lawyers.

The home furnishings giant is present in 25 of the world market; the article of the lesbian couple appears in every edition of the company's magazines except the Russian one.

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Anonymous said...

The Frankfurt School Cultural Marxist presstitute mainstream media never fails to provide articles promoting their liberal anti-family GAY agenda.

Politically Correct PC Ikea is no by-stander in the liberal agenda - their stores have a training room called the "Diversity" room for their comrade "Co-workers".

Sweden opens first retirement home for gays
Published: 22 Nov 2013

The Canadian Communist Broadcast Corporation never fails to deliver the goods by promoting the liberal agenda.

Sochi: Russian activists ready gay-friendly games CBC News Posted: Nov 22, 2013

Hawaii gay marriage bill passes state Senate

An interesting discussion of the Globalist Communitarian agenda:

Jon Rappoport - The Individual vs. The Planned State November 20, 2013

Jon Rappoport... returns to discuss the ongoing conspiracy to collectivize humanity. Collectivism isn't about a mass outpouring of share and care and is not what will bring freedom. We'll discuss collectivism as a psyop and the usual prose formulated around this grand psyop. Jon explains the historical roots of collectivism that has tentacles in government, education and social sciences. Then, we talk about how the Individual is fading out as a concept. Individualism is becoming a myth, which plays in perfectly to facilitate the agenda of the "planned state." We talk about why the state hates the individual. Jon also elaborates on how collectivist reality is being manufactured and accepted. He says, "This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang, not with a whimper, but with a heavily armed, surveilled Disneyland. Everyone takes the same rides and eats the same cotton candy. In this cartoon called reality, whoever declines and defects is reeducated." Later, we discuss the collectivists' faith in state and the prospect of a socialist, egalitarian utopia with all its contradictions. Meanwhile, the notion of individual freedom and a free society is being associated with fear and evil deeds. The massive media control, brain washing and propaganda is indicative of just how afraid the controlling factions are of the individual. The hour ends speaking on freedom, which has no limit.

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