The socialist party introduced a bill in parliament to ban the erection of statues commemorating former Governor Miklós Horthy

Monday, November 18, 2013

The political and spiritual heirs of Bela Kun, Matyas Rakosi and other Bolshevik criminals asking the government to ban the erection of statues honoring former Governor Miklós Horthy.

The head of the socialist party Attila Mesterházy and his fellow MP Gergely Bárándy claimed that more and more settlements around the country erect statues of Horthy; municipalities are encouraged by the government to continue the practice of portraying Horthy as a positive historical figure by erecting statues of him reasoned the two globalist puppets.

While in power Horthy impoverished millions of people and created social injustice. The Socialist party is strongly opposing the idea of portraying Horthy in a positive light and keeping his memory alive by erecting statues of him reasoned the two voodoo vipers. Instead, the government should advocate building Holocaust memorials and publish teaching materials for kids instructing them the proper way of remembering Horthy's victims concludes the statement issued by the party of vampires.

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Géza said...

Not a surprising statement from these (traitors) communists and ofcourse the "holocaust" again.... If they want to remember it, do it in Israel, our childeren need our history, not that of the jews or any other foreign group for that matter!

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