The U.S. instructs the Hungarian government to condemn the erection of the Horthy statue in the "Hazatérés Temploma"

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The United States condemns the erection of a Horthy statue in the "Hazatérés Temploma" (The church of homecoming) that took place last Sunday in Budapest.

In a statement the U.S. Embassy in Budapest says the Hungarian government should condemn the event on the highest level: The U.S. finds it necessary that the highest - ranking leaders of the country strongly and unequivocally condemn what happened.

The Embassy statement reiterates the lie first reported by the World Jewish Congress a few days ago according to which the event was organized by Jobbik, a political party that promotes ethnic hatred and antisemitism.

This lie has been repeated once again despite the fact that the pastor of the church Lóránt Hegedűs confirmed over and over again that the idea to erect a Horthy bust at the entrance of the church came from him. The event commemorated to the 75th anniversary of the laying of the foundation stone of the church. Jobbik was only one of the invited guests attended the event.

The U.S. communiqué highlighted the fact that those organized the event and took part in it, including some members of the Hungarian parliament, once again confirmed their intolerance and painted a dramatically negative picture of the country.

Although a significant number of counter-demonstrators expressed their opposition to the event and some members of the Hungarian government also expressed their disapproval, such an event requires that the most senior Hungarian leaders also firmly and unequivocally condemn what happened concludes the statement issued by the U.S. Embassy in Budapest on Thursday.

(Notes: The statement issued by the U.S. Embassy today is most likely an attempt to interfere in the general election campaign. The U.S. officials might think, if sufficiently humiliate the government by forcing the prime minister to condemn the erection of the statue radical voters might withdraw support from the government that according to all indications heading for a second landslide victory. One of the best ways to erode electoral support for the government is to force the prime minister to condemn Admiral Horthy that enjoys much popularity among the general public and even among members of the Fidesz party. What Horthy accomplished after the first world war was nothing less than a miracle; he rebuilt the country after the Trianon catastrophe and the Bolshevik rat revolt within a decade making the Hungarian national currency as one of the most stable among the currencies of Europe. But this brazen interference in Hungarian domestic affairs won't work, this won't help the globalist opposition. Even if some radical voters defect the governing party, they won't vote for the treasonous opposition but will support Jobbik.)

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Anonymous said...

They are also low-informed.......A leading Jewish industrialist, Reuben Hecht helped provide for Horthy in exile and sent him a letter, thanking him for his role in saving Hungary's Jews, prior to the invasion and during the German occupation.

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