This year too Hungary has won the European Open Championship of Horseback Archery

Saturday, November 2, 2013

This year Turkey hosted the European Open Championship of Horseback Archery. Hungarians have competed in this competition five times and won five times -- this year the winner is Mátyás Ruszák.

The races have been conducted in four styles of which three must have been selected by each contestant.

The four styles are: Korean, Hungarian, Polish and Turkish.

Judges evaluated each contestant based on the results and performances in the various styles.

Mátyás Ruszák finished first in the Korean race, fifth in the Hungarian race and third in the Polish race. Based on these results Mátyás Ruszák has become the overall champion of the tournament.

More then 49 contestants competed this year's tournament from countries such as Poland, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Greece, Jordan, etc..

Mátyás Ruszák is a member of the "Íjász Útja" School (The Way of the Archer School), he started training as a horseback archer eight years ago, he is now 23 years old.

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