Tuzsér will be a model town, Jobbik won Sunday's interim mayoral election

Monday, November 11, 2013

Jobbik candidate Tibor Ferkovics won the Sunday's interim mayoral election in Tuzsér, Szabolcs- Szatmár-Bereg county reporting MTI.

An interim mayoral election had to be held in Tuzsér due to the death of former mayor József Danko (independent).

On Sunday, another town has decided to give Jobbik a chance by electing a Jobbik mayor into the highest office of the municipality, which shows the party's growing popularity among the electorate, especially in this crime ridden part of the country where gypsy crime is a major problem for everyone as the government is reluctant to adequately protect the population due to pressure coming from bogus human rights organizations on the payroll of the cabal.

Earlier, Gyöngyöspata, Tiszavasvári, Kosd, and Monorierdő elected Jobbik mayors; today, Tuzsér joined the club as a growing number of citizens find Jobbik as the only alternative that still can be trusted.

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