After a serious illness two-time youth Olympic Champion swimmer Boglárka Kapás resumes her regular training on January 2

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

After three months of forced break due to a serious illness, double youth Olympic champion and senior European champion swimmer Boglárka Kapás returns to the pool on January 2 and resumes her regular training schedule.

The 20 -year-old swimmer had to take three months break due to a serious flu related illness.

"I remember my last "real" workout was on September 23, the day that I hardly forget. I was hospitalized on the same day, because I developed serious flu related complications including a temporary visual disturbance. Today, easier to say this, I could barely see with one of my eyes. The side effects of the steroid treatments were also hard on me. I was hoping that I recover quickly and can compete at the European Indoor Championships in December. But it did not happen. I can hardly wait January 2 when I can resume my regular training schedule” said the Boglárka Kapás who smiles once again.

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