Alliance of European National Movements elected Jobbik MEP Béla Kovács as the new president of the alliance

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Italian, English, Belgian, Spanish, Polish, Slovenian and French members of the Alliance of European National Movements unanimously elected Béla Kovács as the next president of the organization for the next two years.

The new head of the alliance will lead the EU-skeptic group in next year's EP elections.

The alliance has never been so strong than it is now, but a change in attitude in leadership is needed said Kovács to N1TV.

He also remarked that some national movements had already signaled their intention to join the alliance, but their membership has not been decided yet.

The new president hinted that there will be fundamental changes in the strategy of the alliance under his leadership. He wants to be a very dynamic leader of the EU-skeptic group. He intends to boost the popularity of the national movements of the member states by employing time-tested Jobbik strategies.

Though the new strategy initiative of the organization is still under development, the final version of the draft most likely will include elements from Jobbik's program said Kovács.

The new president indicated that in the next two years, he intends to organize forums and symposiums with invited guests addressing various issues important for the future of Europe.

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