Bogus gypsy rights activist Aladár Horváth's son has been charged with smuggling aliens to Austria

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Bogus gypsy-rights activists Aladár Horváth's son, who is working as a taxi driver, has been charged by police with smuggling Afghan migrants to Austria.

The former member of the now defunct anti-Hungarian Liberal party became known outside of the country last year when campaigned in Canada urging the Canadian government to accept more gypsy “refugees” from Eastern-Europe.

Every sane person knows that the campaign only pretended to promote gypsy immigration to Canada; the Canadians are not stupid, they knew right from the beginning who they were dealing with. The spectacle was organized by the internal and the external enemies of the nation that are controlling globalist stooge Aladár Horváth. The campaign's real purpose was to slander the Hungarian government and portray Hungary as a racist country.

After the liberal party was voted out of existence in 2010 Aladár Horváth continued his treasonous activities in various gypsy-rights organizations with the active support of his controllers that know very well that the ethnic issue is a universal weapon, which can be used against anyone at anytime.

Wherever Aladár Horváth appears he disseminates lies about the Hungarian nationalist movements accusing them with racism and anti-Roma sentiments; meanwhile he and his ilks do their best to cover up or downplay the criminal activities of their tribesmen, which is one of the major sources of ethnic tension in Hungary and the entire European Union.

Police have charged Aladár Horváth, Jr. and seven others with nineteen counts of smuggling aliens into Austria. It turned out that the entire smuggling operation was organized through the phone, so police officers could conveniently monitor the criminal activities of these bunch of idiots from their armchairs, which also shows that indeed, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.



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