“Dacian bracelets” are exposed as fake by Brussels Art Laboratory

Friday, December 13, 2013

Former Romanian Minister of Culture Adrian Iorgulescu paid more than six million Euros for 38 fake Dacian bracelets a few years ago writes ZIUAnews.

After examining the "archaeological finds", by Europe's oldest lab, Brussels Art Laboratory, it was established that the bracelets were made in the 20th century.

ZIUAnews urges an investigation against former Minister of Culture Adrian Iorgulescu and all those involved in the falsification of the history of Romania.

The portal reports that strangely, authorities didn't question for a minute how it was possible finding 38 pieces of bracelets in one place; it seems that Dacians had gathered around a pit dropped the bracelets in it so that two thousand years later, three persons find them.

The location of the “archaeological site” is also uncertain.

(ZIUAnews –


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