Dániel Gyurta and Katinka Hosszú have been elected as the Athletes of the Year

Friday, December 20, 2013

Olympic and world champion swimmer Dániel Gyurta and world champion swimmer Katinka Hosszú have been elected as the athletes of the year 2013 by Hungarian sports journalists.

In Thursday night's Sports Star Gala evening the Team of the Year prize was awarded to the men's water polo team.

The coach of the year award went to Katinka Hosszú's coach Shane Tusup, and the best head-coach prize was awarded to Tibor Benedek, the head-coach of the Hungarian water-polo team.

Male Athlete of the Year

1. Gyurta Dániel 1706 point
2. Vajda Attila 824
3. Pars Krisztián 347
4. Cseh László 241
5. Lázár Vilmos 221
6. Marosi Ádám 219

Female Athlete of the Year

1. Hosszú Katinka 1758 point
2. Kozák Danuta 866
3. Sastin Marianna 627
4. Csernoviczki Éva 244
5. Görbicz Anita 122
6. Medveczky Erika 86

Coach of the Year

1. Shane Tusup 874 point
2. Széles Sándor 817
3. Ambros Martín 755
4. Csernoviczki Csaba 243
5. Kulcsár Győző 232
6. Dancsházi Nagy Tamás 225

Head-Coach of the Year

1. Benedek Tibor 1591 point
2. Storcz Botond 657
3. Kiss László 589
4. Karl-Erik Böhn 276
5. Pálvölgyi Miklós 240
6. Udvarhelyi Gábor 213

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