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Saturday, December 28, 2013


Anonymous said...

This is very interesting. We lived in Peru for some years, my wife is hungarian, and we had a lady who helped us with the housekeeping, who was a native quechua speaker. Once we got really surprised when she was teaching us some quechua words and my wife found some of them very similar as in hungarian. How could this be possible? History before "official history" is a very interesting field of study.

HungarianAmbiance said...

Keep in mind that schools teach false history. They deceive students by bombarding them with half truths, which are worst than lies. “Rather know nothing than half-know much” – Nietzsche. Ancient Hungarian history is derailed by the worst kind of disinfo agents assembled under the authority of the Hungarian(?) Academy of Sciences, which is a globalist snake nest whose loyalty lies with the falsifiers of history. For instance, they still keep pushing the outdated Finno-Ugoric linguistic agenda but are rather quiet about recent genetic data that links Hungarians to the Turkic people of central Asia, thus giving a subtle but false suggestion that linguistic and genetic data overlap.

Here is an article that gives you a good intro into the techniques of employing suggestions and half truths to manipulate public opinion.

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe in an Internet age with an overwhelming amount of information, knowledge and viewpoints, the "authorities" have the temerity to dictate what is accepted as correct and incorrect - acting as false gatekeepers of knowledge. Basic epistemology ( ) contradicts the position of authority.

The centralization of anything (processes - control) is dangerous - particularly the centralization and standardization of education.

"No Child left behind" means "No child gets ahead" (except the elites' kids) in a dumbed down, centralized, government education system. The issue is one of public FUNDING of education (good) vs centralized government CONTROL of education (bad).

Clint Richardson - Common Core, Agenda 21, And Global Privatization

John McMurtry discusses the institutional control of academic institutions and the "silo thinking" (concision - narrowing of the scope of thought).

Common Core: 3 * 4 = 11 is okay - Longer

The Elites' plan for Global Control in the New World Order NWO - Communitarianism - a hybrid of Fascism for the Elites (1%) and neo-feudalism - Communism (99%).
10 essential tenets of communism, namely:

1 Central banking system
2 Government controlled education
3 Government controlled labor
4 Government ownership of transportation and communication vehicles
5 Government ownership of agricultural means and factories
6 Total abolition of private property
7 Property rights confiscation
8 Heavy income tax on everyone
9 Elimination of rights of inheritance
10 Regional planning

The historic, traditional (correct) education was a "Classical Education".

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