Femen activists protested against police violence in Kiev by publicly urinating over Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovich's photographs

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Five activists of the subversive Femen movement showed up at the Ukrainian embassy in Paris Sunday to express their opposition to the violent crowd dispersal by police yesterday in Kiev, Ukraine. Globalist instigated demonstrations flared up in the Ukrainian capital after the President of the country Victor Yanukovich vetoed the EU-Ukraine trade deal.

The bare breasted activists shouted slogans like "Ukraine in Europe" while urinating on the photographs of Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovich; after performing their obscene theatrical act the globalist whores left the scene without incident.

"We're here to tell Europe, we need help," said on the site Inna Shevchenko the Ukrainian head of the Femen movement who condemned Russian President Vladimir Putin for interfering Ukrainian internal matters; then, she called her home country a dictatorship.

"This is not only a difficult moment in Ukrainian history, but also dangerous,". The Ukrainian public opinion does not support the leadership of the country that turned away from Europe. "The opinion of the nation are expressed by those that are protesting right now in the center of Kiev in support of the European Union, summed up her thoughts the newly appointed madam of the infamous globalist whorehouse Inna Shevchenko.

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Ojr said...

They should have beat the hell out of them like they should have to the dirty bolshevik russki jews

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