Gypsy Mayor László Bogdán is making incredible advances in Hungarian-gypsy relations – liberal agitators are unhappy

Thursday, December 26, 2013

One ton of home-grown vegetables have been donated to the needy by Cserdi gypsies in Budapest writes

Cserdi is a village with a Roma-majority in Baranya county with 411 inhabitants; the village went through incredible changes in recent years under the leadership of Mayor László Bogdán.

The mayor turned the once crime-infested village into a prosperous community, into a place where everyone wants to work. In the village Hungarians and Gypsies jointly renovated each other's houses, and children receive fifty thousand forints reward if attend church services and show good results in school.

The majority of the residents of Cserdi are working as organic farmers.

Mayor László Bogdán has been working hard for seven years to revive the village. He demands a lot from the villagers and also from himself. For example, he created a 3,500 square-meters greenhouse that he himself supervises every day. I have to - he said. Anyone who makes a mistake - for example, two minutes late from work considered a mistake and it is sanctioned, which is always the same: the offender has to read out load from a children book called "Micimackó" to the rest of his coworkers.

Today, the village is almost completely revamped. They built parks, a playground and renovated houses. All this partly of EU and government funding, but the community also contributed to the projects.

When László Bogdán has been elected first as the mayor of the village the municipality was on the edge of total collapse. Today, the Roma inhabitants of the village are not living on welfare anymore, but they are the ones that help others.

However, the mayor had to introduce innovative measures to get the village where it is today. He assembled all the children and young people of the village and arranged prison visits to the Pécs correctional institution hoping that the experience will deter children from committing a crime. Then, he shut down the local pub and removed the iron bars from the doors and windows of public institutions.

When these measures were taken crime and violence were still raged on; everyone who could avoided Cserdi.

"Unemployment was 80 to 90 percent that we brought down to 15 to 20 percent in recent years. Only half of the population of the village is gypsy, but they were the ones that created most of the problems. In 2005, we registered 170 burglaries, today, this form of crime virtually disappeared, the problem today if someone takes a bunch of grapes" says the mayor.

Today, the village is virtually crime free. Local Roma residents have reached the point where they are no longer in need of social assistance. Today, they are the ones that donate to the needy.

(Notes: What does this story tell you? If agitators and bogus human rights organizations financed from abroad wouldn't interfere in Hungarian-gypsy relations ethnic tension in Hungary do not exist or it would be much less of a problem than it is today. When dealing with gypsies one has to use languages they understand in order to find common ground as the story above demonstrates it. Liberal troublemakers hammering uniform approaches of resolving issues that of course won't work. Every cultural anthropologist knows that each culture requires different approach when sorting out issues; there is no one grand unified solution that can solve all problems across the board. Of course, liberals know this; that's why, they only imitate solutions. What these vile people are interested in is to maintain ethnic tension in society in order to advance their hidden agenda. One of the chief vampires of the now defunct liberal party, Gabor Kuncze, for instance told gypsies that if they have no money it is fine to commit crimes because they too have to make a living. These sorts of things I'm talking about when pointing out that tension in Hungarian-gypsy relations arises from the pernicious political activities of these agents of behind the scenes forces.)

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