Hungary will remain GMO Free

Monday, December 9, 2013

Photo: Csaba Pelsőczy

Hungary will remain free of genetically modified organisms, and our policy on this shall remain one of zero tolerance, the Ministry of Rural Development's Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Gyula Budai said at a press conference in Budapest on Sunday.

The Minister of State reaffirmed the Hungarian standpoint on keeping the country GMO free at a series of events and lectures entitled Roadshow for a GMO-free Hungary.

The Roadshow's goal was to increase public awareness of why keeping the country GMO free is important to Hungary.

An important element of Hungary's GMO strategy is that it bans the introduction of genetically modified organisms into domestic cultivation, Mr. Budai added. This also includes the introduction of a safeguard clause, meaning that if the European Union permits the cultivation of a genetically modifies crop strain, Hungary will have the option to decide differently.

(Press Office of the Ministry of Rural Development)


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