Jobbik MP Tamás Gaudi-Nagy was hassled at Charles de Gaulle airport

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

French security staff hassled Jobbik MP Tamás Gaudi-Nagy on December 13 at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris confirmed the politician. Airport security staff prevented him from boarding the Budapest flight because of a package of French cheese.

The politician explained that on December 13 airport security service together with the French police by violating his diplomatic immunity unlawfully prevented him from boarding the Budapest flight at 4:45 pm.

The conflict between the politician and security staff escalated when airport officials told him he couldn't take the cheese he bought for his family on the plane. When the Jobbik politician asked airport staff to show him the regulation that bans cheese on board they couldn't produce any document. "Then the security staff became violent and aggressive therefore, I insisted to get the French police involved to clarify the situation,” said the politician.

French police "realized that made a mistake," and apologized; later, they helped me to catch a flight to Budapest said Gaudi.

The Jobbik politician requested consular assistance, but he still had to spend the night at the airport. Gaudi explained that as a parliamentary representative of the Council of Europe he flew about twenty times to the French capital, but so far no one objected carrying cheese on the plane.

Later in the evening, two high-level representatives of Air France apologized for the atrocity said the politician.

Gaudi asked the Hungarian consul to request an explanation from French authorities through official channels how an incident like this could happen -- Gaudi is a member of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly enjoying diplomatic immunity.

Tamás Gaudi-Nagy recalled that on December 12 he attended the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly Committee meeting on Legal Affairs and Human Rights, where the situation of human rights in Europe was one of the topics on the agenda.

In the debate an argument has erupted between Socialist MEP Kinga Göncz (a fanatical Hungarian-hater, a dedicated agent of the cabal) and Tamás Gaudi-Nagy. Kinga Göncz accused Hungary of being one of the chief violators of fundamental human rights in Europe. Gaudi in reply reminded the globalist stooge that she did nothing to prevent police brutality in Hungary while she was a member of the Gyurcsany government in 2006; she still hasn't apologized for the crimes to the Hungarian people and even today, she denies that police atrocities have taken place.

(Notes: The last paragraph is the key to solve the “mystery” of the cheese incident, which was indeed a cheesy excuse to hassle the Jobbik politician. The internal and external enemies of the nation form a huge network and work in tandem when it comes to bullying those they don't like. These people have unlimited resources; they can set things in motion in no time. There is no doubt that the French security agency was part of the punitive operation; they probably acted on short notice that's why they couldn't come up with a better excuse than the utterly ridiculous cheese issue.)

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Anonymous said...

The members of the Tribe are fundamentally cowards. Their cowardice is, in fact, legendary. So they assume, that such intimidation will yield the same result; the recipient will become a coward.

Anyone spending a significant time in HU, realizes that Hungarians don't respond to intimidation and pushing (like the way Tribe members do) in a cowardly manner. They thrive on confrontation. Hungarians just get pissed off, with payback and revenge on their mind.

Every act like this earns the EU Tribe a few more Hungarian enemies. Eventually the numbers reach a point that the bank breaks, and the "unintended" (but predictable) consequences happen. Historically, both the Austrians and the Soviets found this out the hard way.

I predict the EU Tribe will too - give it time...
(Not too much time though; it's coming; it's already palpable)

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