‘Mass rallies in Ukraine follow a script’

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

AFP Photo/Sergei Supinsky

Anti-government protesters in Ukraine calling for the government to step down are working from a playbook, following to the letter a manual for regime change through popular revolutions, said RT political analyst and columnist, Nebojsa Malic.

RT: Is there any chance of a compromise between the government and the opposition at this point?

Nebojsa Malic: The opposition has said that it doesn’t want any compromise, that it is not interested in anything short of a regime change. But the thing we have to keep in mind is that this is being played straight out of a playbook. This is following a script and the opposition’s activities are generally geared to create as much unrest and show as possible.
But there is very little substance behind both their demands and their posturing.

We have evidence today that repeated reports of an incoming crackdown failed to materialize, not because there was supposed to be any sort of crackdown, but because that’s how they keep the people wound up.
This is a cultural clash, not economic or political

RT: We've been hearing calls from the opposition for the president to step down. Are the protests in your opinion only about EU Integration?

NM: I think there is more than just the EU integration. Obviously these people do not really care about what’s in the trade deal, otherwise they would have tried to come up with better numbers or any numbers at all. What they are trying to do is that they are trying to hold what they perceive as Ukraine’s drift back into what western media calls a ‘resurrected Soviet Union’. This is a cultural clash more than an economic or a political one. This is a clash between people who believe in the perception of the west, such as Europe or the US, and the people who are trying to make their future based on actual numbers, based on actual work, based on the necessity to feed their families and live their lives every day.

RT: You previously stated that the crisis in Ukraine could have been pre-planned. If that's so - then planned by whom and for what?

NM: Pre-planned is perhaps a misnomer. There’ve been reports that one of the people organizing Mr Klitschko’s party (Udar) is actually a Serbian activist who helped to organize the 2000 revolution (in Serbia), which was coordinated by the NAD (National Endowment for Democracy) and the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency).

They are working out of a playbook. There is a manual for regime change through popular revolutions and it is being followed to the letter. The sort of people, who are on the payroll of the western organizations and governments, and they are just doing their jobs.

I have reports today of western celebrities getting involved and endorsing the (Ukrainian) opposition. Again, this is a proof that all this is about posturing. What does George Clooney know about economics of Ukraine? Nothing. But he is George Clooney and that is what the opposition is running with.

I wouldn’t point any fingers or name any names, because I am not in a position to have that information, but when you consider who is funding, which organization and for how long, what sort of individuals are involved and where they have been spotted before and since – you will have a pretty good idea of who might be behind this.

RT: There are not just pro-EU protesters, many others are against that deal. Will this lead to the deepening of already existing divisions within Ukraine?

NM: I wouldn’t rule it out. There are serious historical, cultural and even religious rifts on the Ukrainian territory that have been simmering under the surface. First, the Russian Empire and then the Soviet regime, which kept a lid on nationalism, but then found it in different circumstances, similar to what happened in Yugoslavia. But I’m not sure.

There is a cultural struggle across the west as well, just not this pronounced, not this endemic. And on one side are the people who are trying to join this globalist transnational union of governments, where there will be no nationalism but where there will be a supra-nationalist bureaucracy regulating everything for the greater good of it all.

And then there are people who want their national states to run whichever way they decide, but they want the choice to remain theirs. And I think this is the issue in Ukraine as much as in France, UK and the US.



Anonymous said...

It seems that the planned LOOTING of Ukraine by the EU has been derailed (I hope not temporarily, but permanently). So the would be looters are pissed, and organizing to put back the Looting Plan back on track.
The rent-a-mob is out in numbers, the stakes for the Brussels Tribe is high, so all stops are taken out.

Only an idiot cannot see with absolute clarity, what's going on.

The LOOTING of Eastern Europe (Hungary included) is going on relentlessly, and is on track, but new victims are necessary after the old ones have been bled and squeezed ot of all wealth and assets (including land) to comatose slavery.

Popular and REAL uprising and revolution has become an imperative and inevitable in the long run - AGAINST the EU. The Ukranian (pro-EU) event of course is phony, an organized fake, a laughable mascarade to fool the world.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, ALL countries are tied to the Globalist Banksters' sham "Banks create money out of thin air" (debt) financial mafia system of the International MAFIA Fund IMF, the globalist World "Bank", the Bank of International Settlements BIS Basel Accords (I, II, III ) regulating DEBT, linked to the Rothschild bankster controlled (sovereign) City of London ("square mile"), WallStreet ponzy scheme ,the Rothschild controlled Federal Reserve system (a private cartel of banks) and the SWIFT Financial Clearing System, the sham financial "ratings" agencies. The whole system is engineered to asset strip and financially enslave countries and people in DEBT.

Financial foreign trade and investment is geared to accumulate the BIS limited debt allocation (quota). This is crazy - Nations should create their own credit for the domestic economy and settle international trade accounts with the flow of REAL goods and services in the REAL economy, not the financial casino.

Ukraine: The Myth of its Salvation through Western Investment (I)

Gold Passions Around Basel III
The Basel Committee and the Global Banking Mafia

The Committee of 147

The Anglo-American Axis: Losing Ukraine, Losing Europe

Anonymous said...

It is all about money, power and control by the Western elites - the Rothschild banking cartel and their friends.

An interesting discussion of WHO are the elites ?

Ukraine: NATO’s Eastern Prize by Wayne Madsen

Ukraine: The Myth of its Salvation through Western Investment (II) by Valentin KATASONOV

Ukraine: Imagine Western Interference in Reverse… That Would Be An Impossible European Dream by Finian CUNNINGHAM

Blowback and the “Great Game”: When Secret Plans Go Bad

4 Short Videos to See Economic Solutions

Four short economics solutions videos are concise communication tools:

1. Introduction to solutions (2-minutes)

2. How Money is Created (1-minute)

3. Interest everywhere (6-minutes)

4. Public Banking: A Big Solution! (4-minutes)

Anonymous said...

Powerful presentation on GeoPolitics and how the Globalist game is played.

Redrawing the Middle East: Syria in the Context of the “New Middle East” by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

The following is a lecture given by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya on December 12, 2013 at the National Institute of Advanced Studies (IAEN) about the thrust to redraw the borders of the Middle East and its historical and strategic connections to regional conflicts and US foreign policy....

What West Wants from Ukraine? Enthralled by Paradigm Offered by Brzezinski (II) by
Dmitry MININ

In its time Zbigniew Brzezinski offered a well-known but actually hollow formula - “Without Ukraine Russia ceases to be an empire”, naturally now he could not stay away from the on-going events in Ukraine...

Meet Neocon “Doughnut Dolly” Victoria Nuland by Wayne MADSEN

...The U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Victoria Nuland, has reprised the role of the “Doughnut Dolly” by distributing snacks to anti-government protesters on Maidan square in central Kyiv. Armed with a white plastic shopping bag full of biscuits, Nuland was trying to boost the morale of the protesters in what has become a virtual proxy war between the United States and Russia. Control of Ukraine by NATO has long been a gleam in the eye of American neo-conservative war hawks like Arizona Republican Senator John McCain who followed Nuland by a day among the Maidan protesters...
Kagan, although not as well-known as the others, continues to steer America into foreign policy fiascos such as U.S. involvement in the domestic affairs of Ukraine. Kagan has an ace-in-the-hole in stirring up tensions in Ukraine because his wife is none other than Victoria Nuland…

Nuland’s career has been one of ensuring that the underpinnings of the Cold War never completely died out in Europe. Her State Department career began as the chief of staff to President Bill Clinton’s Deputy Secretary of State and close friend, Strobe Talbott. It was under Talbott that Nuland helped completely fracture Yugoslavia and ensured that the U.S. slanted against the interests of Russia’s ally, Serbia. After helping to lord over the final end of Yugoslavia, Nuland moved to develop U.S. foreign policy for the former Soviet Union. Ukraine landed right in the middle of Nuland’s target scope...

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