Persecuted Hungarian national Hedvig Malina of Slovakia and her family flee to Hungary

Friday, December 20, 2013

Due to constant harassment by Slovakian authorities, ethnic Hungarian Hedvig Malina and her family will move to Hungary in January. The persecution of the mother of two started on August 25, 2006. The then 23 year old university student was attacked on the street in Nyitra by Slovakian chauvinists because she spoke Hungarian publicly. Due to the attack the young girl suffered severe facial injuries.

Former Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico and his interior minister later publicly accused the young girl of lying and in May 2007, perjury charges were laid against her.

The insidious persecution of Hedvig Malina has been continuing ever since. Most recently, she was ordered by Slovakian authorities to undergo psychiatric examination, a preferred technique of tormenting victims developed by the secret police in the Soviet era.

Hedvig Malina took the Hungarian citizenship oath before Győr mayor Zsolt Borkai on Thursday and has become Hungarian citizen. " I'm not running from justice, I just want to protect my children from harassment," said the beleaguered woman to "Új Szó".

Hungarian Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén issued a statement noting that Hedvig Malina was forced to leave her homeland because her human rights were grossly violated on a daily basis.

The relentless bullying of the young woman says a lot about the duplicitous nature of EU officials as well; they don't speak up against gross human rights violation by Slovakian authorities due to the fact that these abuses meet their agenda of maintaining ethnic tension in the region.

The constant harassment of the young woman took a toll on her children. "My children are so upset of my continual harassment that every time someone knocks on our door, their first question is: do police come to take you? We have hard time to calm the kids down, and I wonder what's next. I always take the summons sent by mail, it makes no sense to send a police officer to deliver it to me unless they want to intimidate me. This happened two times in the last few weeks, but the last straw was when I read an interview with Jana Teleki who was persecuted for fifteen years because of a satirical poem he wrote some time ago. The criminal proceedings against him lifted this year, but immediately after authorities ordered him to undergo psychiatric examination. I concluded that if I stay here, this fate awaits for me too because there is no rule of law nor humanity in this country only the unlimited arrogance of authorities" says the young woman.

Hungary is the homeland of every Hungarian regardless where he/she lives, therefore it is natural that the country provides shelter to Hedvig Malina and her family said Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén.

(Notes: The universal law applies here too: What goes around comes around. This law never fails. The persecution of Hungarians in Slovakia and other neighboring countries will come back to haunt those that have been perpetrating this insidious violation of the rights of ethnic minorities since the break up of historical Hungary after the first world war. These people mistakenly believe that the Satanic European Union will tacitly support these heinous acts forever and that the current world order remains the same indefinitely allowing them to continue the persecution of ethnic minorities endlessly. What a naiveté. Forces behind the European Union have no loyalty to any nation or any regional or global arrangement unless they serve their interests. As soon as these conditions change the position of those that maintain them will shift as well; and that will be the moment when the time of regret kicks in especially, for those that were shortsighted enough to misread the deceptive appearances of their time. The artificial state of Yugoslavia is a good example of the disintegration of a temporary global arrangement. Yugoslavia was created after the first world war to serve the interests of the global elite – to maintain ongoing ethic tension in the region. After the collapse of communism Yugoslavia served no useful purpose anymore therefore, it was broken up into ethnic enclaves in order to create instability in the Balkan region. As a result, Serbia lost Kosovo in the blink of an eye suffering the same fate as Hungary suffered after the first world war. The dismemberment of Yugoslavia has been perpetrated by the very same forces that orchestrated the partition of Hungary after the first world war. It is unfortunate that those that benefited from the Treaty of Versailles are blinded by their unexpected gains and now they are fooling themselves into believing that they can keep the loot forever and can escape from the law of recurrence.)

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