Prime Minister Viktor Orbán met the Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church Hilarion Alfeyev in parliament

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and the Metropolitan of Volokolamsk Hilarion Alfeyev exchanged views on Christian values, East-West relations and the maintenance of war graves in both countries in a meeting in the Hungarian Parliament on Monday.

PM Orbán said Hungary was ready to help East-West dialogue in church relations - - according to the historical tradition of the country.

Metropolitan Hilarion, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church Foreign Office praised the agreement that was signed recently between the Hungarian government and the Russian Orthodox Church. The Hungarian Prime Minister thanked Metropolitan Hilarion for the memorials the Russian Orthodox Church held at the anniversary of the Don river battlefield operations that claimed the lives of tens of thousands of Hungarian soldiers during the Second World War, as well as for maintaining Hungarian war graves in Russia said the prime minister' press secretary Bertalan Havasi adding that there was a complete agreement between the prime minister and Metropolitan Hilarion regarding Christian values.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén as well.

House Speaker László Kövér also met Metropolitan Hilarion in Parliament; during the meeting the speaker of the house brought up the possibility of holding the planned historic meeting between Patriarch Kirill and Pope Francis in Hungary, which would be a great honor for our country.

Metropolitan Hilarion praised the Hungarian Basic Law, which establishes that Christianity is the moral foundation of the Hungarian state and it also protects the sanctity of marriage. The Bishop also praised the Hungarian government, which is moving forward calmly and with dignity on its own way.

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