Procession in Kiev against the "Euro-sodomization" of Ukraine

Monday, December 2, 2013

Photo:Oroszország Hangja

Members of the Orthodox community in Kiev hold a procession on December 6 to protest against the "Euro-sodomization" of Ukraine.

Participants of the procession ask for the protection of St. Alexander Nevsky. Organizers of the procession want to call attention to the unbearable pressure the west exerts on "our people, especially after the government's decision to suspend integration talks between Ukraine and the European Union".

The main slogan of the procession will be "Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus: together Holy Russia".

(Oroszország Hangja -


Anonymous said...

The Ukranians may not like the Russians - rightfully.
However that's no excuse to put their heads into the heavy and ruthless yoke of the EU.
EU membership will do no good to the Ukraine.
The EU is NOT a charity organization, not by a longshot.
The question they should be asking: Why do they want us in the EU? What it is we got, that they want?

Ojr said...

why would they want the jew run russkies whose bolsheviks murdered multi moillions

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