Recent poll by "Nézőpont Intézet": Fidesz leads by a big margin, Jobbik running neck and neck with the Socialists

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The diagram shows the various parties support among committed voters

According to a nationwide representative sample survey by "Nézőpont Intézet", Fidesz leads by a substantial margin among the parties running in the April general election.

Jobbik running neck and neck with the Socialists for the second place and the election campaign hasn't even started.

Among the total population, 36 percent sympathize with the Fidesz party, 10% with Jobbik and 10% with the Hungarian Socialist Party.

Among decided voters Fidesz leads the pack by 40% support followed by the Socialist party with 12% support and Jobbik with 11% support. The one percent difference between Jobbik and the Socialist party is well within the margin of error, which is approximately plus or minus five percentage points.

The other parties' support are slightly above or below the 5% threshold limit necessary to win a seat in parliament.

(Notes: You also have to keep in mind that most polling agencies are run by liberals; therefore, the results of these surveys are often biased towards the globalist parties.)

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Anonymous said...

I'm absolutely certain, that in the "unsure and uncertain" category at LEAST 1/3rd, or possibly even 1/2 are Jobbik supporters, but are concerned about their safety (economic, societal) if they disclose their party choice. They can never be certain that the polltaker will keep their preference secret, and they know that there is a full scale, savage WAR on the Jobbik, both internally and externally of HU.

Most people in HU have not forgotten the Judeobolshevik regime of Rakosi, Gero, Kadar, nor the crypto-judeobolshevik regimes of the post-1990 era, the latest being the Gyurcsany-led power of the Tribe.
Should the judeobolsheviks come to power again, the Jobbik will be shut down and outlawed, and I'm absolutely certain, that Jobbik sympathizers and supporters will be "dealt with" (in an unpleasant manner) - as usual, conclusively proven by history at all locations - by these kinds of people.

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