Sándor Lezsák: Hungary does not forget its Asian roots

Thursday, December 12, 2013

According to the Vice-President of the National Assembly Sándor Lezsák, the Eastern partnership policy of the Hungarian government is not only about enhancing economic ties with more distant Asian regions, but it also means strengthening cultural links with those nations because our country does not forget its Asian roots.

Lezsák held a speech at the Kölcsey Conference dealing with Central Asian expeditions on Wednesday night.

The Vice-President of the National Assembly attended the event as the chief patron of the conference.

The politician congratulated to an expedition crew that just returned from central-Asia. He confirmed that the government will continue expanding the Eastern partnership policy in the field of culture as well.

Lezsák cited two examples of cultural projects currently underway: the upcoming Uzbek-Hungarian bilingual edition of János Arany's work “Rege a csodaszarvasról” (Legend of the golden stag) and the program of the “Hét nyelven beszélünk” (We talk seven languages).

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