Show trial against a 74-year-old Hungarian woman

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A show trial has been going on in one of Budapest courtrooms against a 74 year-old Hungarian woman Tisza Istvánné who is accused of public nuisance.

The 74-year-old woman was assaulted by a man who is believed to be Jewish at a demonstration during the summer while police officers were watching. What happened after the assault was quite extraordinary: police let the perpetrator go, and took the injured victim into custody charging her with public nuisance.

During the Thursday trial, the trial judge refused to investigate the identity of the perpetrator and his role in the incident despite the photographs and eyewitness account provided by the lawyer of the accused.

After this stunning development, lawyer Dr. Tamás Gaudi-Nagy asked the trial judge to declare openly whether she has Jewish background in order to assure the neutrality of the trial. The judge refused to answer the question but right after this incident she ordered audiences out of the courtroom and set a limit of eight people that were allowed to witness the proceedings.

The judge has also ordered audience not to take pictures and voice recordings of the court proceedings in order to "ensure the smooth progress of the trial". (Keep in mind that these extraordinary measures have been taken against a suspect who is charged with a minor crime.)

In the mean time, the prosecutor announced that the perpetrator who inflicted serious facial injury to the accused couldn't be identified even if the assault was documented by photographs and credible eyewitness accounts -- police officers; the court therefore, closed the investigation against the attacker, but the criminal charges against the victim can go ahead said the prosecutor.

If the prosecution wants to find the man it can do it. However, it seems that the prosecution doesn't want to find him because it is prejudiced against the nationalist Hungarian citizen said lawyer Dr. Gaudi-Nagy.

The victim was in a legitimate defense position when she was attacked; we attached photographs of the male attacker, but the prosecution refuse to investigate the person, said the lawyer, then asked the judge to put the case back into its investigative phase, and find the man who assaulted the victim who suffered severe facial bruises due to the assault, said Dr. Gaudi-Nagy.

The prosecution argues that it was the 74 year-old victim who attacked the unidentified individual with a flag who in turn defended himself by punching her in the face.

Today, the president of the Budapest Bar Association informed members of the organization that he had ordered disciplinary investigation against lawyer Dr. Tamás Gaudi-Nagy for asking trial judge whether she had Jewish background. The president has already met court officials to clarify the exact nature of the incident.

The judge who initiated disciplinary investigation against lawyer Tamás Gaudi-Nagy for asking her whether she had Jewish background

There is nothing new about the disciplinary investigation said the president. Nine years ago, there was a similar case; then, lawyer László Grespik asked the same question from a female judge. The Budapest Bar Association has also launched disciplinary proceedings against the lawyer, but then, the lawyer won the case. Even President László Sólyom defended the lawyer by saying that it was the lawyer's duty to do everything possible to assure the clarity of the trial. The president, however, indicated right at the beginning of the investigation that he had a different opinion on the issue, which foreshadows the outcome of the investigation.

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