The brighter future unstoppable: The head of the Sixty-four County Youth Movement László Toroczkai wins the mayoral election in Ásotthalom

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Despite all the smear campaign the head of the Sixty-four County Youth Movement László Toroczkai won the interim mayor election in Ásotthalom, the town with a population of over four-thousand.

Toroczkai ran as an independent candidate but supported by the Jobbik party.

The other two candidates have been supported by the ruling parties.

Weeks before the election, the mainstream media tried to discredit Toroczkai by disseminating false news about him and unidentified individuals distributed smear leaflets in the town slandering the President Sixty-four County Youth Movement.

In the campaign Toroczkai promised to defeat the local mafia and will lead the town with the active participation of the residents of the municipality.

Toroczkai's plan is to bring Hungarian and foreign investments in the town and revive the region economic activities by closely cooperating with Hungary's eastern partners including Turkey, Russia and Croatia.

Jobbik communication director Gabor Szabo congratulated Toroczkai's victory, emphasizing that another town joined to the ever growing line of municipalities that have chosen the brighter future, which include Gyöngyöspata, Tiszavasvári, Kosd, Monorierdő, Tuzsér, Békésszentandrás, Hegyháthodász, Hencida, Kemenessömjén and Martonfa.

It is also remarkable that just five months before the spring general election, it seems that the globalist parties' support is collapsing. Toroczkai won the election with the backing of the former supporters of the so called "leftist" parties that switched sides.

According to the official announcement of the local election committee, László Toroczkai won 71.5 percent of the vote in Sunday's interim mayoral election at 37.4 percent voter turnout.

After his election victory, Toroczkai said one of the first steps he would do, stabilize the budget and restore public confidence.

He reiterated that every decision in the municipality will be taken jointly by the town's residents. He also announced that he takes only a portion of his mayoral salary, which will be equivalent to the officially set minimum wage and the rest will be donated to the development of the town.

Meanwhile, the leadership of the extremist-liberal "Gyurcsany" party distanced itself from the party's local organization for supporting Toroczkai and indicated that the party membership of local organizers will be suspended.

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