Turkey to lift visa requirements for Hungarian citizens

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Turkey lifts visa requirements for Hungarian citizens announced Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan after meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Wednesday in Ankara.

PM Viktor Orbán thanked for the Turkish prime minister's gesture indicating that although Hungary must respect the Schengen visa rules, the Hungarian government implements the greatest possible simplification in procedures when Turkish businessmen, athletes and artists applying for visas.

Among all the EU Member States, Hungary introduced the most favorable visa assessments for Turkish citizens said the prime minister.

The Hungarian prime minister reiterated his earlier statement, Hungary supports Turkey's full EU integration; in fact, the view of the Hungarian government is that the EU should grant visa-free entry for Turkish citizens even before the accession negotiations concluded. This would not be a gift, but rather the recognition of the performance of the Turkish economy.

The prime minister pointed out, that Turkey's integration in the European Union is the interests of the EU as well. Viktor Orbán believes that without integrating the Turkish economy into the EU, the negative trends in Europe's economic performance can't be reversed.

Turkey has become a major economic power, which has a message for Hungarians: Our country too should build national unity and set major goals to succeed.

The fact that Turkey has made great progress during the economic crisis confirms that the best way is always your own way added Orbán.

PM Orbán then, announced that the Hungarian government offers 150 scholarships to Turkish students.

Besides lifting visa requirements for Hungarian citizens, Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that trade between the two countries should be increase to at least five billion dollars from the current two billion and economic activities between the two countries should be diversified; then, the Turkish prime minister thanked Hungary for supporting Turkey's EU accession.

The Turkish prime minister also noted that he believed that the countries of the Visegrad group - Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia - could be one of the most important partners of Turkey.

During the Hungarian delegation's visit to Turkey nearly 30 agreements have been signed by representatives of the two countries.

In the presence of government officials of both countries the Hungarian-Turkish Strategic Cooperation Council held its inaugural meeting. According to Erdogan, the Council may bring a qualitative shift in the bilateral relations between the two countries; then, representatives signed a number of agreements including environmental, energy, security, culture, education, forestry, water management and railway cooperation agreements.

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