Turkish civilian organizations are supporting the Székely autonomy

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A solidarity event and educational forum was held in Istanbul in support of the Székely autonomy.

The forum has been organized by one of Turkey's most well-known civilian organizations, the Hoca Ahmed Yesevi Vakfi society.

Since Jobbik President Gábor Vona raised awareness of the Székelys struggle for autonomy during his visit in Turkey in October, the issue receiving increasing attention both among Turkish civilian organizations and in public media reports.

The Székelys are also the descendants of Attila the Hun, which is fully understood in the Turkic world, however, the Székely struggle for autonomy is not as widely known.

Attendants of the forum listened lectures about Székely history, and the current phase of the Székely people's struggles for autonomy.

Several Turkish civilian organizations are planning to join the worldwide protest in support of the Székely autonomy on March 10, next year. Simultaneously with the Marosvasásárhely autonomy march, Hungarians and friends of the Székely cause will stage solidarity protests is several countries around the world including the USA, Canada, England, and Belgium.

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