Unspeakable crime in Füzesabony: Repeat offender gypsy criminal stabbed his 6 year old son to death

Saturday, December 7, 2013

On the sidewalk of Baross Gábor street in Füzesabony a middle-aged man stabbed his son then, stabbed himself several times.

The ambulance took both father and son to hospital. The six-year-old child later died of his injuries in hospital. A life-saving surgery was performed on the father during the night.

Heves County Police Department launched a criminal investigation of homicide informed the media Heves County police spokesman Bálint Soltész; then, he added that the man has been taken into custody. learned that the father and son did not reside in Füzesabony; they are the residents of one of the surrounding villages.

According to reports, the father might have consumed drugs before murdering his son. According to unconfirmed reports, crime scene investigators found traces of drugs in his apartment.

The gypsy criminal has already spent 7 years in jail for violent crimes, according to local residents.

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