Agent provocateurs and useful idiots protest at Holborn Subway Station downtown London against Jobbik President Gábor Vona's public forum

Sunday, January 26, 2014

About 100-150 protesters gathered at Holborn Subway Station downtown London trying to prevent Jobbik sympathizers to get to the forum site.

According to latest reports, demonstrators are blocking the exit doors preventing Jobbik sympathizers to get out of the subway station.

N1 television reporting that a few Hungarian speaking agent provocateurs are also active in the crowd.

Apparently, the crowd chanting slogans like: Nazi scum off our street -- No to the Nazis, no to the Golden Dawn, no to Jobbik, no to the BNP -- 6 million dead, never again.

N1 TV reports from the scene that the forum won't be held at the original site because the owner withdrew the permit presumably under police pressure. Instead, the forum will be held at the Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park.

N1 TV learned that police preventing Jobbik sympathizers to leave the subway station under the pretext that they can't guarantee their safety. In the mean time, agent provocateurs tried to provoke the camera crew of N1 TV.

A dozen Ortodox Jews have also showed up at the protest site, but they demonstrated against Zionism.

Jobbik President Gábor Vona met his supporters at London's Hyde Park; approx. 200-250 sympathizers managed to reach the forum site that was under full police protection. A few dozen agent provocateurs showed up at the gathering site but police didn't let them close to the Jobbik crowd.


Participants of the forum praised London police for preventing the mob to get close to the Jobbik gathering.

At the end participants sang the Hungarian National Anthem and dispersed without incident.

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Anonymous said...

Oh well, try Berlin next. I'm sure you'll have much better luck there.

Anonymous said...

Even the British police are a motley looking crew.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your informations.

Anonymous said...

Street THEATER for propaganda purposes with paid actors and Tribe members...

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