Bomb blast ripped through CIB Bank Budapest 13th district office

Monday, January 13, 2014

A remote-controlled bomb has been exploded at CIB Bank Budapest 13th district office in the early hours of Monday. The bank hasn't received any serious bomb threat before. Before the blast, the suspect told homeless people sleeping nearby to move from the area.

At dawn, a few minutes after four o'clock a motorcycle appeared at “Lehel” street CIB Bank. The suspect left a package, most likely in the forefront of the bank where the ATMs are located. According to sources, the suspect advised homeless people sleeping nearby to move from the area. The bomb exploded 4:18 am. Due to the blast, the bank building's street front wall collapsed. The explosion also damaged several cars parked nearby. No one was injured in the blast. Police are looking for a "cross enduro" motor bike with no license plate.

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Ojr said...

Too bad all the commie jews ect were inside at the time.

Anonymous said...

Think about the SFr loans PUSHED by banks, where multitudes owe after 7 (or more) years of paying, more(!) than the original loan loan amount.

Payback is a bitch...

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