Gábor Vona's personal account of what happened in London

Monday, January 27, 2014


The national and international media paid much attention to my visit in London yesterday -- despite all the lying and misreporting I thank them very much for the exposure. Yesterday, I became world famous. Of course, you can say this wasn't the right advertisement for me -- time will tell.

Yesterday was a difficult day indeed but at the end we won the day. The owner of the location where the public forum was planned withdrew his permit for the event in the last moment -- half an hour before the scheduled start of the forum.

Police didn't let 200-300 sympathizers out of the subway station because 100-150 anti-fascists waiting at the entrance. It is ironic that the unfortunate agitated protesters did not even know who I was because many of them were there to protest against my supposed islamophobia. The absurdity of the unfolding events was exacerbated by half-dozen Orthodox rabbis who despite the BBC lie didn't come to demonstrate against me, but in fact they supported me -- an important piece of information that the local and foreign news media kept quiet about. How do I know why they were there? Because an hour before the forum started they had come to me and we talked personally. They told me that they were deeply religious, anti-Zionist Orthodox rabbis who follow my activities, and they can see through the river of lies that the globalist media disseminate about me.

Close to 200 sympathizers showed up in Hyde Park where I and Sándor Pörzse held the public forum. I want to thank them for their support and their courage they showed during the entire day. I have heard that some of them were suffered vile attacks after the forum -- I ask them to get in touch with Jobbik legal department as soon as possible. I am grateful to a Turkish sympathizer, who came over to us and apologized for the misguided, agitated protesters that disrupted the event, and he himself expressed his appreciation for what Jobbik was doing.

I also want to say that police acted correctly and professionally securing the location allowing us to go ahead with the forum in Hyde Park. There was a clear distinction among those that came to the forum and those wanted to create problems. The protesters made up by diverse groups of people including junkies and naive anti-globalist activists. There was one thing that united them, they had no clue who I was and what I was representing.

My message to Hungarians around the world is the same what I said to expats in London: You are important to us, we won't give up on you. We work hard to create the proper conditions allowing you to return home; to re-unite with your families torn apart by the Gyurcsány, Bajnai and Orbán governments. Regardless of the attacks, and of mendacity we continue on marching forward towards full victory.

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Anonymous said...

Was a great show of actors from both sides, you seriously think this was genuine... ?? Nothing but jews controlling both sides..

Ricsi bacsi said...

NO,No jews controlling Vona Gábor,I can assure you.

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